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Corrugated Box Knowledge

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1. Corrugated box size: The size of corrugated box is divided into inner size, manufacturing size and outer size, and the unit used for display is generally mm.

2, sticky / nail strip: also called the lap joint. It is for the corrugated box to be formed in the side of the box, and the stick/nail strip is the same height as the corrugated box. The length is generally: nail is 35~40mm; bonding is 30~35mm.

3, shake cover: also called E cover, divided into outer shake cover and inner shake cover. Generally, the long side flap is placed on the outside for the outer flap, and is folded when folded; the wide side flap is placed inside to be the inner flap, and the fold is not closed. Corrugated boxes can be divided into several types according to the different lengths of the inner and outer flaps.

4, box shipping mark : printed on the corrugated box description of the installed product name, quantity and corrugated box size and other patterns and text. The contents of the box are determined by the customer. According to the position of the printing, it can be divided into the front side and the side side. The front side is printed in the long direction of the box, and the side side is printed in the width direction of the box; if the long side of the box is printed on the two sides, the contents are different. 

5. Slotting: The opening between the flaps, the height is the same as the height of the flap.

6, hand-pull: also called hand buckle. Generally on the side of the corrugated box, the shape is often two round rectangle, the upper straight beer half wear, the rest are all worn; the hand pull should be determined according to customer requirements size and position, generally can not beer pattern.

7. High and low line: The high and low line of the corrugated box means that the pressure line of the inner and outer flaps of the corrugated box is not on the same line; the inner flap pressure line is lower than the outer flap pressure line by about one corrugated paper.

8. Post-pressprinting: A production process that enables printed products to achieve the desired shape and performance.

9, die-cut: diecutting with a steel blade into a mold (or carved into a mold with steel plate), frame. A process of rolling a sheet of paper into a shape on a die-cutting machine.

10. Indentation: Crease/Score uses steel wire to emboss marks on the paper or leave grooves for bending. Usually done by die cutting machine.

11, the combination of methods: Joint commonly used bonding methods are glue (glue), self-lock (selflock), tape sealing (tape), staple (Staple) and so on.

12, nailing: nail strip and wide surface combined with box nails. The box nail is a low-carbon alloy steel flat wire with a coating. According to the number and spacing of the nails, it can be divided into single nails and double nails. According to the angle of the nail and the nail strip, it can be divided into horizontal nails, vertical nails and oblique nails. Skewers are most commonly used.

13. Bonding: The adhesive/nail strip is bonded to the wide side with an adhesive. The binder is starch or other equivalent adhesive, and sodium silicate cannot be used.

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