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Fiberglass Routers without End Cut

Carbide burrs are widely used for metalwork, tool making, engineering, model engineering, wood carving, jewellery making, welding, chamferring, casting, deburring, grinding, cylinder head porting and sculpting. And are used in the aerospace, automotive, dental, stone and metal sculpting, and metal smith industries to name but a few.



The fiberglass routers are mainly process circuit board, bakelite plate, epoxy board aluminum board metal plate and wood board etc., double edge positive and negative spiral anti-chip structure, long service life, sharp edge, high wear resistance, designed for woodworking milling.

Product Advantage

● Special cutting edge: special cutting edge can improve the cutting ability, tools and machines will last longer.

● Smooth broad flute: smooth broad flute is easier to remove the cuttings.

● High quality raw materials: tungsten carbide with high toughness and particle size is used as raw materials.

● Polishing surface treatment: high polishing surface treatment, reduce friction coefficient, improve lathe efficiency, save more production time.

● Heat-resistant coating: With highly heat-resistant HELICA coating, can be used for high-speed processing.





Interpolation of holes

Low plastic content CFRP


1. How many pieces of your MOQ?

A: 20pcs for each size and each model, if the quantity is too low, the production is difficult to start, please understand it, but if we have stock for standard size, you can take as much as you want.

2. How do you ship my order?

A: If you have forwarder in China, we can send it to your forwarder and bear the shipping cost of this part, if you don't have, here are FEDEX, DHL, TNT and UPS for you choose, you can tell me the way you want, and we will arrange it for you.

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