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General Purpose Scraper 50 mm Handle for Paint Tools

1. Size: 180x46x40mm
2. Weight: 135g
3. Fit for blade 50mm/ 60mm.
4. Easy to operate and easy to use.
5. Mature production and fast delivery.
  • 50MM
  • KTSCRAPER-5060

General Purpose Scraper 50mm Handle for Paint Tools

Product Description :

Kone Tool Scraper handle is excellent with scraper blade for paint, timber, glue and etc with or without a heat gun, blow torch, or chemical strippers. Use the blade as fitted with a pulling action for scraping wood or pushing action when burning off paint. For the extension scraper handle, there is a added thread ring in the handle.












Blade Material

Tungsten Carbide

Recommended Use

Scraping off paint


Scraper with blade

Sizes: 50/60mm scraper handle, extension version with a thread ring in the handle.

50/60mm Scraper Handle Diagrams :

Scraper 50mm 1

Scraper 50mm 2

Scraper 50mm 3

Special Offer of Scraper Handles:

1.Scraper Handle with 1 pcs 50/60mm Scraper Blade;

2.Scraper Handle with 10 pcs 50/60mm Scraper Blade;

3.Extension Handle with 10 pcs 50/60mm Scraper Blade.

Our Advantages:

22 years experience in Tungsten Carbide tools fields

100 times micro inspection on quality control

Advanced testing and analyze system from Japan and Germany

24 hours online for before-sale and after-sale service

Long terms of business relationship established with clients from more than 30 countries

Various specification for kinds of carbide tools are available for customization

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