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General Purpose Reversible Carbide 14mm Corner Scraper

1. Our carbide scraper blade made from carbide tungsten and Co grain. It is resistance high temperature, durable, corrosion resistant and high strength, superior to traditional HSS.
2. Double edged knives to reduce the frequency of replacing blades with longest working life.
3. Straight and curved cutting edge of blade can applied to flat surface, negative camber, positive camber.
4. Easy for control, easy for use, easy for carry.

  • 14 X 14 X 2.0 mm -30°
  • KT141420-SCP

General Purpose Reversible Carbide 14mm Corner Scraper

Product Description :

Reversible solid carbide 14mm corner scraper blades are made from tungsten carbide, they can last 20 times longer working hours than conventional High Speed Steel scraper. It has two edges to make one piece scraper blade can work 2 times longer than the scraper that has only1 edge. Replacement carbide scraper blade 14mm, four edged tungsten carbide reversible inserts. Scrape both sides of a 90 degrees corner with smart design for this heavy duty tool, good at removing putties of window, chimney, stove, and etc,.


Size: 14mm x 14mm x 2.0mm-30°.

Other name: 11/20” square carbide scraper blade 14mm.

Item #: KT141420-SCP.

Applications: KT08-HDF or MDF; KT10U-Solid Wood or MDF.

Diagrams of Corner Scraper 14mm :

14mm x 14mm Corner Blade.1

14mm x 14mm Corner Blade.2

14mm x 14mm Corner Blade.3

Reasons for Choosing Us-Kone Tool :

1.Supplying many kinds of tungsten carbide products;

2.Over 20 years experiences in this career;

3.R&D department and data center helps us to develop upgraded products and lower costs items.

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