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Upper/Male Slot Knives


Konetool manufactures custom upper/male slot knives for the corrugated industry.

Material: High speed steel (HSS)

Machine: Corrugated rotary slotting machine

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Upper/Male slot knives are widely used for slotting in the corrugated paper industry. Konetool manufactures top-quality serrated male slot knives with premium HSS. With full CNC production lines and rigorous quality inspection processes, our male slot knives feature extended service life, high precision, and outstanding wear, stain and aging resistance. The cuts are cleaner and there is less dust during operation.

Konetool offers custom corrugated carton cut off knives per a drawing, a sample, or desired specifications. Request a free quote for further information (MOQ, price, delivery) if you are interested in KONETOOL custom corrugated upper/male slot knives. Our salespeople and engineers are ready to provide tailor-made solutions for you.


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