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14mm Corner Tungsten Carbide Scraper Handle

1. Our carbide scraper blade made from carbide tungsten and Co grain. It is resistance high temperature, durable, corrosion resistant and high strength, superior to traditional HSS.
2. Double edged knives to reduce the frequency of replacing blades with longest working life.
3. Straight and curved cutting edge of blade can applied to flat surface, negative camber, positive camber.
4. Easy for control, easy for use, easy for carry.
  • Solid Scraper for 14X14X2.0mm Inserts
  • KTSCRAPER-1414

14mm Corner Tungsten Carbide Scraper Handle

Product Description :

Compatible with all 14mm, 4 sided, reversible tungsten scraper blades.A great detail scraper for all paint preparation tasks, gets into tight corners and awkward areas.Ideal for removing old caulk, paint, fillers, glue etc.Can be used to dry scrape, in conjunction with liquid stripper or a heat gun. A great trick when dry scraping is to use these with a vacuum and slide the vacuum hose over the handle, collecting 95% of the dust.

Specifications :

Name: 14mm Scraper Handle.

Purchasing No.: KTSCRAPER-1414.

Suit for: Solid Scraper for 14mm x 14mm x 2.0mm inserts.

14mm Scraper Handle with Blade Diagrams :

14mm hand scrper1

14mm hand scrper3

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