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Snow Plow Carbide Inserts - 25° Trapezoid

Specification(L x W x T )
25.20 x 9.30 x 16.05 mm
Net Weight:45.8 g
Shape: Trapezoid
  • KTS- SP25916R
  • KTS- SP25916R

25 degree trapezoid carbide snow plow blade inserts


These snow plow carbide inserts will be completely wrapped in rubber with the steel segments, with this special design, the flexibility of the snow scraper is greatly increased, reducing the impact on the ground and human body damage, while reducing the noise generated by vibration, decrease  operator fatigue and increase working efficiency, creating a good working environment. It is also great way to increase the service and wear life, of course, carbide rubber snow plow blades are more expensive than ordinary carbon steel, but they are more cost efficient in the long run.

The Application of Carbide Snow Plow Blades:

1.City Streets
 2.Highway / Provincial Highway
3.Parking lot
4.Other different roads


1.Easy to remove the snow, fast and efficient
2.Simple installation, no danger
3.Material environmental protection and pollution free
4.High quality and guaranteed


Q1. How to pack them? 

A1: We will use paper carton to pack it, and guarantee the integrity of the goods, don’t worry. If you have own requirement or suggestion about packing, just let us know and we can talk about it.

Q2. Can you make our logo on snow plow blades?

A2: Yes, we can, other customer also have same request, just send me design directly.

Material for snow plow

application of tungsten carbide snow plow

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