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Snow Plow Carbide Inserts - 40° Trapezoid

Specification(L x W x T )
25.33 x 9.12 x 21.12 mm
Net Weight:61.3 g
Shape: Trapezoid
  • KTS- SP25921R
  • KTS- SP25921R

Premium 40 degree snow plow carbide inserts


Carbide is generally used as wear resistant parts in snow removal equipment. The traditional snow removal equipment use ordinary carbon steel blades, and the new carbide Snow Blade mainly consists of three parts: rubber casing, steel segments and carbide inserts. This is a unique and novel design, although it is more expensive than ordinary carbon steel blades, it has better performance and life than steel.

Advantages of each part

Rubber casing: 

1.absorb and reduce vibration, keep a good working environment.
2.Light weight

Steel segments: 

1.Form, maintain a certain amount of stability.
2.Less blade bounce.
3.Make damage line.

Carbide Inserts: 

1.Increase the strength, improved performance.
2.High wear resistance.

Advantages of each part

1.How do you plan to transport them?
A: We suggest you use express if the weight within 50KG-100KG, you can get it quickly, if the weight is more, sea transport is better, the freight is very low, but it is takes a long time to transport, about a month.

2.Can you provide complete snow plow blades?
A: yes, we ca provide complete snow plow blades, you can check our website or contact me online, we will send detail link to you and introduce for you, by email or by call is ok.

Material for snow plow

application of tungsten carbide snow plow

Wear-resistant Parts

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