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Snow Plow Carbide Inserts - Bullnose

Specification (L x W x T x)
25.22 x 9.20 x 19.05 mm
Net Weight:58.5 g
Shape: Bullnose
  • KTS- SP25919R
  • KTS- SP25919R

Full bullnose snow plow carbide inserts for hot selling


Carbide snow plow blades are composed of carbide inserts, forged steel and rubber, carbide is an extremely durable material that can greatly extend the life of a blade, extending it 20 times longer than a standard carbon steel blade, from the end result, it can save a lot cost, and it has almost no effect on the ground of high way.

Here have Standard 4 types insert to match carbide blades:

T type 0.632*0.36”
U type 0.795*0.36”
B type 0.567*0.36”
D type 0.760*0.36”

Snow Plow Carbide Inserts - Bullnose


Reduce the vibration, too many vibration will make machine to break down quickly and make operator tired, so it is important.

Longer service life, tungsten carbide is a highly resistant material, better than other material. Quick road cleaning, ordinary carbon steel blade needs to be cleaned many times, rubber blades just need one time. Suppress noise, rubber is very elastic and absorbs most of the noise.


Q: Can you provide installation instruction?

A: You just need to follow your previous installation method, if there is anything unclear, we can try to provide some instructions.

Q: How about your best delivery?

A: Whatever your quantity is, if should be ready within 10 working days.

Material for snow plow

application of tungsten carbide snow plow

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