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Snow Plow Carbide Inserts - Standard Shape

Specification(L x W x T )
32.50 x 10.11 x 18.20 mm
Net Weight:79.6 g
Shape: Trapezoid
  • KTS- SP321018R
  • KTS- SP321018R

Snow Plow Carbide Inserts - Standard Shape


We have several snow plow carbide inserts options for you to choose, suitable for a variety of situations, applications and requirements, there are some specifications for the North American market and some for other markets, please contact us directly for details and we will answer your questions online. 


D Type = Tall Bullnose
B Type = Bullnose
U Type = 40°Trapezoid
T Type = 25°Trapezoid


1.Good wear life, compared with rigid steel blade, tungsten carbide inserts are more wear-resistant.

2.Small vibration, snow plow tungsten carbide inserts all encased in rubber, so there is no metal to metal between inserts and the plow, the rubber absorbs most of vibration, so the operator can only feel a little, which not only reduces damage to the machine, but also reduces operator’s fatigue.

3.Reduce damage to roads, too much vibration also has a big impact on the road, use new design rubber blades can reduce cost of maintaining roads.


1.Can I get some free samples before official order?
A: of course, why not, we can arrange it, just tell us the size.

2.Can you only supply for us?
A: About this problem, you can contact us directly for further discussion.

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