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Snow Plow Carbide Inserts - Tall Bullnose

Specification(L x W x T)
25.34 x 9.15 x 13.65 mm
Net Weight: 40.6 g
Shape: Tall Bullnose
  • KTS- SP251513R
  • KTS- SP251513R

Snow Plow Carbide Inserts - Tall Bullnose


Snow plow carbide inserts have many types, this type is one of them, each market according to their own ground conditions and snow equipment to choose corresponding carbide slow plow inserts, which weld in the profile steel segments then encased in rubber, this special design can make snow plow blades have longer life and better than traditional steel snow plow blades, the materials are more environmentally, innovative in design.

Why choose Carbide Snow Plow Blades?

The rubber is designed to absorb and digest vibrations from the ground better, with less noise and less harm to the human body, and create a good working environment, we can imagine that if the vibration is tool much, it is easy to cause the parts be be damaged, the cost will be increase, roads can also cause damaged and extend working hours, so choose right tools is important.


1.Where from your raw material?

A: All our raw materials come from Xiamen with high quality, we guarantee to use 100% new material, some competitors use recycled materials to control costs, but we definitely don’t do it!

2.How long is the service life about carbide snow plow blades?

A: for example, if traditional tool can use one month, our blades can use 2 months and more.

Material for snow plow

application of tungsten carbide snow plow

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