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Manufacturing Processes

As for the manufacturing processes of tungsten carbide tools, Konetool has developed a wide range of skills. The processes include: 

  • Powder preparation  

    Powders are prepared with great accuracy and uniformity. Our in-house technicians and engineers have rich experience in selecting powders. Whether your products need powders with standard grades or special blends, we can supply from our large stocks to suit your requirements.
  • Pressing and Forming

    Our CNC machines are suitable for high-volume shaping and forming of complex shapes. The self-monitoring technology employed enables us to keep production day and night and offers the ability as well as the efficiency to work to tight deadline.
  • Sintering / Hot isostatic pressing 

    For sintering products, we use Hot isostatic pressing (HIP) method to ensure our product quality and eliminate any potential material weak areas. With the in-house facility, we have total control over the final quality of the products.
  • Finishing

    For finishing and grinding process, we use the latest methods and machinery, such as CNC cylindrical grinding, to ensure competitive finishing of products.

  • Inspection

    We have an entire department dedicated to controlling product quality with high-performance inspection equipment and experienced engineers dedicated to ensuring the supply of high-quality products.

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Production Line

  • 2018

    We created a production line for tungsten carbide construction machinery tools.

    The rubber snowboards and VSI crushing tools produced in this line have passed the quality test of many customers in North America and Asia

  • 2017
    We developed a production line for customized tungsten carbide products and also built a CNC production line for metal cutting tools.
  • 2012

    We established a CNC production line for wood cutting inserts, becoming the first factory in China to produce tungsten carbide wood cutting inserts with a full CNC production line.

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