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Top Slitter Blades Circular Dished Knives


Top Slitter Blades Circular Dished Knives

    We supply solid carbide knives to meet your requirement, which has a good advantage of longer life and precision slitting. The super mirror finish is very important, because it can prevent glue accumulation on the blades for cleaner, its convenience for slitting and guarantee for product safe.


    Top Dished Knives/Slitters Manufactured from finest quality  carbide material. These tools are made by metallurgical methods, which can achieve an appropriate balance between economy and tool life for our slitting customers. KoneTool has 20 years of experience in cutting tools, which gives us professional knowledge and knows how to reach the best level on the market in heat treatment and grinding. We can recommend various bevel configurations for you, such as single, double or double hollow bevel to optimize your cutting quality. After super-finishing, mirror polishing has been achieved to reduce the accumulation of viscose and reduce the dust generated by the cutting. Dish knives are equipped with flat and bayonet/opening keyholes to meet your requirements. The knife has long life, high quality and low price.



 We produce and supply a wide range of top dish knives, for all kinds of use, regardless of its industry. Some of the industries in which they are used:

Abrasives | Carpet | Food | processing Leather | Metals and foils | Paper Packaging | Poultry | Plastics | Rubber | Textile


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