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Tungsten Carbide Bottom Knives for Rewinder Machine


Tungsten carbide bottom knives for rewinder machine

We provide bottom knives. These blades are designed and manufactured from cemented carbide. The material quality ensures long life, perfect cutting and reduces maintenance costs. It can ensure perfect cutting quality regardless of the material being processed.

All of our tungsten carbide strips/blanks/plates must be strictly inspected and only those without any harm such as pore, bubbles, cracks etc. can be shipped out. We produce various sizes and grades of tungsten carbide strips/blanks/plates as per client's requirements


Slitter knives consists top slitter blade and bottom slitter blade using for machinery cutting processing.

The bottom slitter blade may also have many types including multigroove bottom slitters, single and double edge bottom sitters, square edge cutters, solid or tipped carbide bottom knives and cutters etc.

Product Advantage:

1. Long service life and high cost performance.

2. High precision and good wear resistance.

3.Reliable performance (reduce machine downtime)


1.Why chips on the cutting edge after the grinding ?

Unstable swing grinding wheels may cause this problem, even break the knives.

The strike of hard things may cause the chips on the cutting edge.


Tungsten carbide bottom knives for you. Its slice quality is outstanding, the whole slice process is smooth, and the field of successful application:

1 MMA embedded bone and hard material

2 Frozen section of bone and hard material

3 GMA embedded hard tissue

4 MMA embedded stent

5 synthetic plastics containing metal or optical fiber fillers

6 Study on coating / adhesion of various materials




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