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Tungsten Carbide Round Scraper Blade

1. Carbide scraper blade is main made from carbide tungsten, Co and TaC grain.
2. Environmental protection, high efficiency, energy saving, recyclable.
3. It is resistance high temperature, durable, corrosion resistant and high strength, superior to traditional HSS.
4. Round Scraper is usually used for radius surface.
5. Easy to operate and easy to use.
  • Ø 8.5 X 1.5 mm-25°
  • KTR8515

Tungsten Carbide Round Scraper Blade

Product Description :

This Round Carbide Scraper Blade fits the #142555 Sandvik 1" Carbide Scraper and greatly extends its usability for smoothing all types of moldings and other curved surfaces. They are easily rehoned. Accessory blades with teardrop and pear and round shapes are also available to fit virtually all your scraping needs.


Item Number: KTE8515

Size: ø8.5mm x 1.5 mm-25°

Optional Grade: KT30U/KT6X

Characteristic: resistance high temperature, durable.

Round Carbide Scraper :

Round Scraper 1

Round Scraper 2

Round Scraper 3

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