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Tungsten Carbide Teardrop Shape Scraper Blade

1. This blade are mainly used to scraper the small sharp corner.
2. Drop-Shape Carbide Scraper Blade for Bahco scraper 625.
3. Carbide scraper blade is main made from carbide tungsten, Co and TaC grain.
4. Straight and curved cutting edge of blade can applied to flat surface, negative camber, positive camber.
5. Easy to operate and easy to use.
  • Ø14.5 x 1.5 - 25°
  • KTR14515

Tungsten Carbide Teardrop Shape Scraper Blade

Product Description :

This carbide-blade scraper is ideal for intricate, hard-to-clean areas on window casings, doors, moldings, etc.The scraper comes with a teardrop or water-drop shape blade, the edges slightly convex to prevent corner digging. Teardrop and pear-shaped profile blades are also available.All can be rotated on the handle for maximum utility.

Specifications :

Size: ø14.5mm x 1.5mm-25°;

Part No.: KTR14515;

Cutting Edge: Teardrop cutting edge;

Teardrop Carbide Scraper Diagrams :

Teardrop Shape Scraper 1

Teardrop Shape Scraper 2

Teardrop Shape Scraper 3

What you can choose for Teardrop Scraper?

1.1 piece teardrop scraper without any pack;

2.10 pcs packed in one plastic box;

3.1 pcs tear drop & scraper handle combo.

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