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Tungsten Carbide Wood Crushing Blade For Sawdust Producer YULIM


Tungsten Carbide Woodcrushing Blade For Sawdust Producer YULIM

Product Description :

We can know from its name, this kind of blade is used forProcessing materials such as wood, branch fork into sawdust in one timeby being installed on different kinds of Sawdust Producer.


Products Length(mm) Width(mm) Height(mm)
Sawdust Blade 45 6 5
Sawdust Blade 45 16 6


Easier to change

Longer life time

Higher quality


1.Cutting part (Drum rotation cutting):

Drum rotation cutting

(1) The part spins around very rapidly, thus you must stop the rotation completely and open the cover.

(2) In case of switching the blades, you should use the constructing bar provided by the company to align the blades, for It will prevent putting excess pressure/force and particles are regular.

2.The specific models include:

YM-1000BM, YM-800BM, YM-600BM, YM-600BMS,YM-500BM,YM-400BM, YM-300BM, YM-250BM, YM-210BM.

YM-1000BM                    YM-1000BM YM-800BM                    YM-800BM YM-600BM                    YM-600BM
YM-600BMS                    YM-600BMS YM-500BMS                    YM-500BMS YM-400BM                    YM-400BM
YM-300BM                    YM-300BM YM-250BM                    YM-250BM YM-210BM                    YM-210BM

Blade house

1 blade house
2 22
3 33
4 44
5 55
6 66

like the picture above, place blades neatly so that 2 is makes a row. there are total of 18 rows.

IT It Is out of order or sides are reversed, ths particles will not be uniformly placed and cause malfunction.

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