Woodworking industry

Basic Requirements

The use of saw blade should first meet the following basic requirements. First of all, the appropriate saw blade should be selected according to the design requirements of the equipment. Secondly, the equipment shall be equipped with safety protection devices, such as: protective cover, power-off brake, overload protection, etc. Once again, it must be installed and used by professional operators, and wear labor clothes, goggles, earmuffs, etc. It should be noted that when operating the sawing equipment with manual feeding, the operator should not wear gloves, put the long hair in the working cap, and pay attention to the necktie and cuffs to prevent danger. The use environment should also be away from fire sources and humid environment.

Installation Requirements

In order to ensure safety, the installation of woodworking saw blade should be done in the following 5 steps.
  1. The equipment shall be in good condition, and the main shaft shall be free of deformation, radial jump, firm installation, vibration, etc.
  2. Check whether the saw blade is damaged, whether the tooth profile is complete, whether the saw plate is flat and smooth, and whether there are other abnormal phenomena to ensure the use safety.
  3. During assembly, make sure that the arrow direction of saw blade is consistent with the rotation direction of main shaft of equipment.
  4. When installing the saw blade, keep the shaft center, chuck and flange clean. The inner diameter of the flange is the same as that of the saw blade. Make sure that the flange is closely connected with the saw blade. Install the locating pin and tighten the nut. The size of flange plate shall be appropriate, and the outer diameter shall not be less than 1 / 3 of the diameter of saw blade.
  5. Before starting the equipment, under the condition of safety, special personnel shall be assigned to operate the equipment, jog and idle, check whether the equipment is turned correctly, whether there is vibration or not, idle for several minutes after the saw blade is installed, and work normally after there is no slip, swing or beat.

Usage Requirements

In order to ensure safety and good sawing effect, there are also many problems to be paid attention to in operation. During operation, the workpiece shall be fixed and the wood feeding shall conform to the cutting direction. No side pressure or curve cutting shall be applied. The feeding shall be stable and avoid the impact contact of the blade with the workpiece, resulting in the damage of the saw blade or the workpiece flying out, resulting in accidents. In case of abnormal sound and vibration, rough cutting surface or peculiar smell, the operation must be terminated immediately and checked in time to eliminate faults so as to avoid accidents.

In addition, when starting and stopping cutting, do not feed too fast to avoid tooth breakage and damage. At the same time, the chip chute and slag suction device of the equipment shall be unblocked to prevent slag from accumulating and blocking, affecting production and safety.
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