KONETOOL is a globally-oriented ISO-certified product manufacturer & technical service provider specializing in cutting and wear. We are dedicated to manufacturing and supplying professional tools to enhance efficiency and experience in the machining process. KONETOOL employs modern manufacturing technology and a standard quality control system to optimize output, reduce waste, and ensure consistent product quality. Apart from the in-house factories, our supply chain also embraces high-quality external suppliers.

We provide premium fundamental materials and cutting tools mainly made from tungsten carbide for our customers from different industries across the world, including ultra-hard materials, wood furniture making, metalworking, chemical fiber & packaging, mining & construction, and recycling.



MEFANYA: Tungsten Carbide Blanks

Tungsten carbide blanks can be applied in many industries, such as tooling, oil & gas, etc. As an experienced supplier specializing in tungsten carbide for years, Konetool is qualified to provide you with premium tungsten carbide products that are second to none. We can manufacture both standard and custom tungsten carbide blanks per your drawings.

ARCHIZAN: Woodworking Tools

Woodworking tools are mainly used to cut wood materials. Konetool started its business from woodworking tools and has already earned a reputation for outstanding quality and competitive prices. High precision and extended service life are our goals. Our woodworking product range covers boring bits, router bits, planer blades, circular saw blades, woodturning tools, and moulding knives.

NYMNAL: Metalworking Tools

Metalworking tools are used in metal processing. Carbide burrs are one of our featured products, suitable for processing a variety of metal materials, such as aluminum, steel, etc. In addition to carbide burrs, we also supply annular cutters, cold saws, slitting saws, and fiberglass routers.

FAIREC: Chemical Fiber & Packaging

In the chemical fiber and packaging industries, slitting knives, aka industrial machine knives play a vital role in the process. With Konetool’s slitting knives, the cutting efficiency and results will exceed your expectation. Our industrial knives are designed for many materials, such as corrugated cardboard, thin film, plastic, textile, chemical fiber, and more.

EKOCONSTRUCT: Mining & Construction

Konetool strives to provide durable cutting tools and wear parts for mining and construction projects. Whether you need to rehabilitate an asphalt road, recycle building material, or build a tunnel, you’ll discover the right wear components for your machine at Konetool. At present, we can offer coal mining bits, road milling teeth, bullet teeth, VSI crusher wear parts, HPGR studs, and more.

MACHOROOL: Recycling

For environmental protection and sustainable development, Konetool endeavors to manufacturing shredder blades and other tools that are used in the recycling industry. Shredder blades are mainly designed for shredding rubber and plastic materials.


Find out what makes Konetool different and why clients trust in the reliability and longevity of Konetool products.


FEEL TOOLING WORLD. As a leading tooling supplier, KONETOOL is fully capable of providing a variety of products and a one-stop purchasing experience for the customer, improving convenience and efficiency. Besides, with the application of advanced technology, we can better feel and understand the tooling world by manufacturing outperformed products.


Over the last decade, KONTEOOL continued to develop and gradually became a reliable manufacturer and supplier, being trusted by customers from different countries and regions such as North America, Europe, the Middle East, South America, and more. However, we can do better in the future.

In the next decade, to provide superior products and services, we are going to upgrade our organizational structure. KONETOOL will develop into a group company that consists of five sectors, including B2B business sector, supply chain center, human resource, finance, and IT support.