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Planer Blades

As one of Konetool’s featured product categories, planer blades and inserts demonstrate our comprehensive competence. Since Konetool was founded, we have been focusing on planer blades and insert knives for planers, jointers, and CNC planing machines in the woodworking industry.

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A thickness planer, also called a planer in North America or a thicknesser in the UK and Australia, is used to trim wood boards to a consistent thickness throughout their length. While a jointer, also known as a planer in the UK and Australia, is used to create a flat surface along a wood board’s length. The difference between them is obvious, as their definitions suggest. A planer can make a wood board with two parallel surfaces, but a jointer is ideal to make a wood board’s edge straight and flat. Planers and jointers are often used together to produce wood boards with flat surfaces and consistent thickness. Since a jointer cannot create even thickness, a planer will be used after the jointing process.

Konetool manufactures and supplies top quality planer blades and planer knives for planers and jointers, including carbide insert knives, helical cutter heads, standard TCT planer blades and HSS planer knives, Tersa knives, replacement planer blades for top-brand planers (DeWalt, Ryobi, Delta, Porter Cable, Makita, Bosch, Hitachi), and Centrolock knives. Apart from these standard planer knives, we also offer customization services. Konetool planer blades are made from premium high speed steel (HSS) and micro-grain tungsten carbide, guaranteeing productivity and durability. All planer knives are precision ground for outstanding cutting performance. Our full CNC production lines and inhouse facilities ensure the top and consistent quality of our planer blades.

Carbide Insert Knives

Carbide insert knives, also called insert knives or turnover knives, are mainly used in woodworking cutter heads for various applications, such as planing, routing, molding, woodturning, and scraping. As one of Konetool’s featured products, carbide inserts for wood are made from 100% virgin micro-grain tungsten carbide for outstanding performance and extended service life. All of our insert knives are fabricated in full CNC production lines and will experience rigorous quality inspections. Our turnover knives include square insert knives, rectangular reversible insert knives, and grooving turnover knives. Only some standard sizes are displayed on the product pages. If you need additional sizes, please request a quote. Plus, customization services are also available.

Helical Cutterheads

Helical cutter heads, also known as journal heads or indexable insert cutter heads, are used in planers, moulders, or jointers for most woodworking projects. Compared with a traditional straight cutter head, a helical cutter head has its advantages. First of all, it reduces much noise. Second, cutters mounted on the helical heads are made from tungsten carbide, which is a wear-resistant material. Most square insert knives have four cutting edges. If one edge is worn out, you just need to turn the cutter for a new edge. Last, helical cutter heads greatly reduce tear-out, especially when processing difficult wood boards. Konetool supplies outperformed helical cutter heads for to-brand planers, and jointers, such as DeWALT, Grizzly, JET, Sherwood, SCM, and WoodFast.

HSS Planer Blades

Konetool manufactures and supplies premium grade (W2, W6, W8, etc) high speed steel (HSS) planer blades and knives for top-brand planing machines, molders, and planer thicknessers, including Weinig, Wadkin, SCM, Leadermach, etc. Apart from using high grade material, our HSS planer knives are manufactured in our full CNC production lines to increase abrasion, deformation, and shock resistance, and longevity. Then, each piece is precision ground to guarantee excellent cutting performance.

TCT Planer Blades

Konetool’s tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) planer blades and knives last 8-10 times longer than HSS planer blades and knives. We use premium micro-grain tungsten carbide that is brazed into a steel blade body. This design greatly extends the service life of planer blades and is more wear resistant. With tungsten carbide cutting edges, the frequency of sharpening decreases, thus saving more time. Our TCT planer blades and knives are compatible with Weinig planing machines and molders, Wadkin planer thicknessers, SCM thicknessing planers, Leadermach molders, and more.

Tersa Knives

Tersa cutter heads are mainly compatible with industrial planing machines, such as SCM and Minimax. Tersa knives are mounted on Tersa cutter heads, that are double-sided and disposable. The installation and replacement of Tersa knives are easy and quick. No tools are required. Konetool supplies both HSS and solid carbide Tersa blades in various lengths, giving you more options to find the right Tersa planer knife that best suit your projects. HSS Tersa planer knives are more temperature-resistant and ideal for cutting softwoods. While solid carbide Tersa planer blades are more durable and perfect for planing hardwoods and glue lines.

Centrolock Knives

The revolutionary Weinig Centrolock planing heads are ideal for 4-sided molders and planers, due to their quick blade change. Konetool provides outperformed solid carbide Centrolock knives for to-brand machines, such as Weinig, SCM, Wadkin, Leadermac, Kuper, Rojek planers & moulders. With our carbide Centrolock knives, the downtime of the machine is reduced. We have only listed part of the specifications. For more sizes, just request a quote.

Electric Planer Blades

An electric planer, or an electric hand planer, is as versatile as a handheld router and can be used in a wide range of woodworking jobs. People often use an electric planer to create flat surfaces, chamfer edges, or reduce the thickness of a wood board. An electric planer basically consists of a motor, a roller, planer blades, and a flat base. Konetool supplies both tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) and high speed steel (HSS) planer blades and knives for top-brand electric planers, including Makita, Bosch, Ryobi, Dongcheng, KEN, Hitachi, etc. We use premium M2 high speed steel and micro-grain tungsten carbide to ensure cutting performance and durability.

Replacement Planer Blades For Top-Brand Thickness Planers

A thickness planer, as mentioned above, is used to trim wood boards to a consistent thickness throughout their length. Konetool offers exclusive high speed steel (HSS) replacement planer blades for top-brand thickness planers, including DeWALT DW 735, DeWALT DW 735X, DeWALT DW 734, DeWALT DW 733, Delta 22-540, Porter Cable PC305TP, Ryobi AP 10, Ryobi AP13, and more. As an ISO certified manufacturer, Konetool has been dedicated to thickness planer blade fabrication for over 10 years. We have a mature supply chain and rich global trade experience, meaning that both premium thickness planer blades and 100% satisfactory services are available at Konetool.

We supply a wide selection of different types of planer blades and knives in more than the displayed sizes. If you are interested, please feel free to request a free quote. Our salespeople and technicians are ready to provide the most cost-efficient woodworking solutions for you.


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