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Boring Bits

Konetool carries a full selection of wood-boring bits, including V-point drill bits, brad-point bits, and hinge boring bits, to drill through holes, blind holes, and hinge holes.

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Boring bits, also known as dowel drill bits, are commonly used in cabinet and closet construction, hardware seating, and many other industrial woodworking applications. They are ideal to drill precise and tear-free holes in hardwood, veneered wood, plywood, MDF, and other composite materials.

Konetool boring bit features

Konetool is an ISO-certified wholesale company with rich experience in supplying quality boring drill bits. Our tungsten carbide wood-boring drill bits all feature metric sizes with an adjustable top screw in the shank end, which makes them fit most boring machines. Konetool wood boring bits are developed for boring machines like Alberti, Torwegge, Koch, Scheer, Nottmeyer, Shibaura, Vitap as well as CNC routers and CNC machine centers, multi-boring machines, and other drill machines so that they are available for a range of woodworking professionals and industrial applications.

Konetool has built its reputation by offering top-quality products at competitive prices. Based on top-quality tungsten carbide and high-strength steel body, we manufacture our boring machine bits with advanced geometry design of the boring bit tips, allowing for long-lasting performance. Our full CNC production lines, rigorous quality control, and advanced in-house facility ensure each of our boring machine drill bits is manufactured with the highest degree of precision and accuracy. We also produce custom boring drill bits according to the requirements of our customers to meet any special needs like special tool geometries or certain carbide grades.

V-point dowel drill bit

V-point drill bits or through-hole bits are well received in the industrial woodworking market. They are widely used to drill through solid wood or wood composites for the insertion of dowels. Konetool offers high-precision and long-lasting V-point dowel bits for creating clean holes with high efficiency. Our advanced flute design allows for the best accuracy, smooth chip removal, and burr-free holes. Both TCT and solid carbide through boring bits are available. The carbide-tipped V-point bits range from 5mm to 15mm in cutting diameter, while our solid carbide bits size from 3mm to 6mm in cutting diameter. Our V-point dowel drill bits feature standard overall lengths of 57mm and 70mm, coming with both left-hand and right-hand rotations. You could make your choice based on the diameter needed, the overall length, and the rotation type of the boring bits.

Brad-point dowel drill bit

Brad-point bits are widely used in the industry of cabinet and kitchen to make holes for shelving pins, because they drill accurate, straight, and clean holes in softwood and hardwood without wandering. They are designed with a center pin so that they can drill and bore precise holes you need without wandering. The outlining spurs of brad-point boring bits shear the wood grain, leaving a tear-free edge around the periphery of the hole. The tungsten carbide-tipped brad-point dowel bits or TCT brad point bits have a long use life and keep sharp longer than the ordinary bits.

Konetool TCT brad point drill bits are known for their long-lasting performance and durability. All our metric brad point bits are produced using the best-quality micro-grain tungsten carbide. Konetool offers three standard types of woodworking brad point boring bits with the different outlining designs of the spurs, including the standard carbide-tipped brad point drill bits, TCT woodworking brad point drill bits-type A, and woodworking brad point drill bits-type B.

The standard carbide-tipped brad point drill bits size from 3mm to 15mm in cutting diameter, with overall length options of 57mm and 70mm. There is a height adjustment screw in the shank end. Compared with the other two brad-point bits, this dowel drill bit features a lower price but wears faster.

The TCT brad-point boring bit-type A ranges from 5mm to 15mm in cutting diameter, with overall lengths of 57mm and 70mm. This boring machine bit drills precise, clean, and flat-bottomed holes in solid wood and wood composites.

Our brad-point bits-type B are available with the TCT range of 5mm to 15mm in diameter and the solid carbide range of 3mm to 6mm in diameter. The overall length includes 57mm and 70mm, and both left and right rotations are available. This boring machine drill bit can drill burr-free holes with a faster cutting speed and features longer tool life.

Hinge boring bit

Hinge boring bits or TCT Forstner bits are commonly used to cut holes for the insertion of door hinges. They feature two tungsten carbide cutting edges and spurs, as well as a center point for drilling accurate and clean-cut blind holes in all wood or panels. Concealed hinge drill bits create flat-bottomed and smooth-walled holes for installing European-style hinges such as Blum and Grass in cabinetry and furniture-making applications. Cylinder boring bits can be used on boring machines, multi-boring machines, drill presses, CNC routers, and CNC machine centers. Konetool offers a full selection of hinge boring bits with diameter sizing from 15mm to 60mm. Like our dowel drill bits, the overall length includes 57mm and 70mm, and both two types of rotation are available.

As the leading wood boring bits manufacturer and supplier in Asia, Konetool offers high-quality boring drill bits for our global clients at competitive prices via a reliable payment process. If you are interested in Konetool woodworking boring bits, please request a quote for further information (MOQ, price, delivery, etc).


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