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Router Bits

Konetool offers a full selection of industrial-quality router bits with 300+ types for handheld routers, table-mounted routers as well as CNC routing machines. Request our router bits catalog for detailed information.

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A woodworking router, recognized as the most versatile power tool, is a power tool or a type of machine widely used in the woodworking industry, especially cabinetry. It processes pieces of wood by routing. Basically, it consists of a flat base, a spindle, a motor, and a rotating cutter. There are three types of routers: handheld routers, table-mounted routers, and computer numerical control (CNC) routers. Compared with a handheld router, a table-mounted router is more versatile. A CNC router is controlled by a computer, so it can take advantage of CNC.

The rotating cutter mounted on a router is called a router bit, used to create decorative profiles or joints in woodworking projects. Router bits can be divided into three types: high speed steel (HSS) router bits, carbide-tipped router bits, and solid carbide router bits. Another standard of classification is applications. According to different applications, router bits are generally classified into eight categories: straight router bits, flush trim router bits, door & window router bits, grooving router bits, profiling/molding router bits, jointing router bits, slotting router bits, and spiral router bits.

As for router bit shanks, there are various sizes, such as 1/2 inch, 6mm, 8mm, 3/8 inch, 10mm, 12mm, 1/4 inch, etc. However, 1/2 inch and 1/4 inch are the most common shank sizes of router bits. 1/2 inch bits are more expensive but stiffer, and not easy to vibrate and break.

Konetool supplies a full selection of industrial router bits with over 300 types for the woodworking industry. As a company providing tungsten carbide solutions, we only offer carbide-tipped router bits and solid carbide router bits. Whether you are a furniture workshop, a professional woodworker, or a router bit distributor, Konetool has the right router bits for you.

Konetool Router Bit Features:

  • 100% virgin micro-grain tungsten carbide tips
  • Precisely sharpened cutting edge
  • Excellent centricity and balance
  • Precision routing and efficient performance
  • Mirror-like routing finish without any burrs or chips
  • Premium solid steel shank with resistance to abrasion and fatigue
  • Customization is available

Straight Router Bits

Straight router bits, known as the most commonly used type of router bit, create straight cuts to make grooves, dados, mortises, and inlays. Designed with cutting edges both on the side and bottom and straight or spiral flutes, they can be used for both decorative and functional square-shaped cuts. The most important application of straight router bits is creating wood joints. Grooves are cut with the wood grain. While dados are cut against the wood grain. Besides, decorative inlays and rabbets can also be formed by straight router bits. When it comes to the selection of straight router bits, there are many factors you need to consider. Double-flute carbide-tipped straight bits are the most common choice which can be used in most woodworking applications. A single-flute bit is ideal for fast-speed routing. Angled flutes create a cleaner edge. However, if you need a super clean cutting finish, solid carbide spiral router bits should be the choice without regard to their prices. Konetool provides a full range of straight router bits for all grooving and jointing applications in your woodworking projects.

Flush Trim Router Bits

Flush trim router bits look similar to straight router bits but have a bearing at the top, bottom or top and bottom. They are used to trim laminate or duplicate patterns from a template. The bearing, which is the same diameter as the flutes, works as a guide to ensure that the bit runs along the template’s edge. For duplicating purposes, a table-mounted router should be used because you can have an uninterrupted view of the template. Konetool supplies a wide collection of flush trim router bits of different sizes and types. Whatever your trimming application is, you can find the ideal flush trimming router bits at Konetool.

Door & Window Router Bits

Door and window router bits are mainly applied in the cabinet door and window-making projects. Raised panel router bits and rail and stile router bits are the two most commonly used bit types for door making. A raised panel router bit, as the name suggests, is used to make a raised panel for a frame and panel door. There are two types of raised panel bits: horizontal bits and vertical bits. Nowadays, most cabinet doors are stile and rail doors, requiring complex construction techniques. They are constructed from vertical stiles and horizontal rails with central panels secured in between. Rail and stile router bits, also known as cope and stick router bits, are used to make stile and rail doors. They often contain two bits: a rail bit for cutting a tenon and a stile bit for creating a corresponding groove. Konetool offers raised panel bits and rail and stile bits with various profiles and sizes.

Grooving Router Bits

Grooving router bits are ideal for creating grooves with different shapes, such as V shape, half-round shape, ball shape, etc. Konetool supplies the fullest selection of grooving router bits, covering V Groove Router Bit, Core Box Router Bit / Round Nose Router Bit, Bowl & Tray Router Bit, Ball End Router Bit, Plunge Raised Panel Router Bit, Point Cutting Roundover Router Bit, Ovolo Router Bit, and more. Grooves that are cut by these grooving router bits are for different purposes. For example, V groove router bits are used to cut signs and add decorative profiles to furniture. Ball end router bits create grooves to conceal cables or wires. Most grooving router bits are more compatible with CNC routers for safety.

Profiling Router Bits

Profiling router bits, or molding router bits, are used to create different decorative profiles and moldings on doors, windows, cabinets, handrails, and furniture. Konetool provides the widest range of profiling router bits, including Triple Beading Router Bit, Cove Router Bit, Cove & Bead Router Bit, Bull Nose Router Bit, 45 Degree Chamfer Router Bit, Roundover Router Bit, Handrail Router Bit, Roman Ogee Router Bit, and more.

Jointing Router Bits

Jointing router bits are used to create strong and tight woodworking joints for drawers, doors, or cabinets. Konetool supplies premium jointing router bits, including Rabbeting Router Bit, Finger Joint Router Bit, Dovetail Router Bit, Tongue & Groove Router Bit, 45 Degree Lock Miter Router Bit, and more. Different joint router bits create different wood joints. Whether you plan to construct a drawer, a cabinet door, or a beehive, you can find the right joinery router bits that best suit your projects.

Slotting Router Bits

Slotting router bits are used to make slots. Konetool supplies top-quality slotting router bits, including keyhole router bits, slot cutter router bits, and more. Keyhole router bits cut keyhole slots in workpieces, such as picture frames or plaques. Two or four-wing slotting cutters router bits cut slots and grooves of varying widths.

Solid Carbide Spiral Router Bits

Spiral router bits are used to cut grooves or slots. With sold carbide material and spiral flutes, spiral router bits can efficiently remove wood chips and cut the finest finish. Konetool supplies outperformed solid carbide spiral router bits, covering O Flute Router Bit, Two Flute Router Bit, Three Flute Router Bit, and Compression Spiral Router Bit. Both upcut and downcut bits are available.

If you are interested in our carbide-tipped router bits and solid carbide router bits, please feel free to request a quote. Our salespeople and technicians will reach out to you soon after a quote and provide the best solutions for you.


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