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Carbide Burrs

Konetool is a recognized name as a worldwide supplier of quality carbide burrs. We offer a complete range of tungsten carbide rotary burrs from shape A to N, available for both imperial and metric specifications. With our rich experience in manufacturing die grinder bits and global trade, we also produce custom burr bits to satisfy the special needs of our clients, such as coating, extended long shanks, and special cutting geometries.

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Carbide burrs, also known as rotary burrs or die grinder bits, are rotary tool-mounted stock removers that perform operations like shaping, cutting, deburring, grinding, leveling, chamfering, carving, milling, and contouring. Tungsten carbide burrs are widely used in different industries, such as automotive, aerospace, metal sculpting, engineering, jewellery making, and shipment building. Burr bits are ideal to work on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, like steel and aluminum; they can also process non-metal materials, such as hardwood, plastics, and stone. As the leading carbide burr manufacturer in Asia, Konetool supplies die grinder bits for metal with three cut styles, and different cut styles are best suited to certain materials.

Konetool Carbide Burr Shank Sizes

We provide carbide burrs of 1/4”(6 mm) and 1/8”(3 mm) shank diameter. Konetool supplies a complete range of 1/4” or 6 mm shank burr bits, which are offered in both imperial and metric sizes. They are used on air die grinders(pneumatic rotary tools), flexible shafts, spindle grinders, straight grinders, robots, and even CNC machines.

The 1/8” or 3 mm shank burr cutters are widely used on metal, wood, glass, stone, and plastics. They fit most hobby rotary tools, such as Dremel, Wen, and Tacklife. These carbide cutters have proven excellent performance in wood carving, model engineering, jewelry making, engraving, sculpting, and casting.

Konetool Carbide Burr Cuts

For the 1/4”(6 mm) shank burr bits, Konetool offers three standard cuts: single cut, double cut, and aluminum cut.

Single-cut tungsten carbide burrs are often used for general-purpose works, such as milling, deburring, cleaning, and heavy stock removal. They are trusted to process stainless steel(INOX), cast iron, hardened steel, copper, etc.

Double cut, also referred to as cross cut or diamond cut, is the most common cut style and works for most applications. Double-cut burrs have more cutting edges, allowing for better operation control and smaller chips. Compared with single-cut burrs, they are used for medium-light stock removal and leave a fine and smooth finish. Double cut burr cutters work on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including carbon steel, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, etc. They are also for non-metal materials like wood, ceramic, and plastics.

Aluminum-cut die grinder bits are perfect for cutting non-ferrous metal like aluminum, nickel, copper, and cobalt. It is also good for other soft materials like plastics. Aluminum cut burrs process aluminum with extraordinary efficiency and do not clog up due to the large flutes.

Konetool Carbide Burr Shapes

Konetool offers a full line of tungsten carbide burrs, available from shape A to shape N.

  • SA Cylindrical Plan End
  • SB Cylindrical End Cut
  • SC Cylindrical Ball Nose
  • SD Ball Shape
  • SE Oval Shape
  • SF Tree Radius End
  • SG Point Tree Shape
  • SH Flame Shape
  • SJ 60-degree countersink
  • SK 90-degree countersink
  • SL Cone Radius End
  • SM Cone Pointed Shape
  • SN Inverted Cone

Konetool Carbide Burr Features

After sintering, forge, machining, and precision grounding of 100% raw virgin tungsten carbide, Konetool carbide rotary burr features extreme hardness and high-temperature tolerance. Thus our die grinder bits can work on much more demanding projects and run hotter and longer with consistent performance.

Due to the outstanding heat and wear resistance of our tungsten carbide burrs, they are good for cutting at higher speeds and feature a high stock removal rate on hard and tough materials. Considering the super long tool life, our burr bits will evidently save you money and time.

Konetool is an ISO-certified carbide burr manufacturer and supplier. We manufacture our rotary files with the highest degree of accuracy and strict quality control for perfect balance and concentricity. The advanced design allows for reduced noise and easy operation.

Carbide Burr Set and Customization

Konetool provides ready-to-sell carbide burr sets containing multiple burrs of various shapes. We offer standard carbide burr kits, and you can also build your own carbide burr set by choosing the burr selection, case selection, instruction, and laser marks. Not limited to carbide burr sets, for all our burr cutter products, we can produce according to the requirements of our clients. Some customers need burr bits to process hard-to-reach areas or burs with a certain coat. Whether you need extended long shank carbide burr or die grinder bits with unique cut geometry, we will satisfy you by offering our best products and service.

Tips for Using Carbide Burrs

  • Dress right clothes and wear personal protection equipment like an eye mask.
  • Please make sure the burr runs right in the rotary tool before use.
  • You may work with higher RPM for cost-effective use, but run slower speed when using a long-shank carbide burr.
  • Please make sure your burr shank stays inserted in the collet and tightly clamped in the working process.
  • Keep the burr moving using light pressure. Let the burr do the work.

For the past 20 years, we have been offering premium-quality die grinder burrs for our worldwide clients at competitive prices. With years of experience in manufacturing rotary burrs and global trade, Konetool has become the leading tungsten carbide burr supplier in Asia. If you have any questions about our carbide burrs, please feel free to contact us.


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