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We manufacture and supply a wide range of corrugated machine knives for the corrugated paper industry, including corrugated slitting knives, cut off knives, and male slot knives.

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Corrugated cardboard, also called corrugated fiberboard, is used to manufacture cardboard boxes for the packaging industry. With so many packaging situations, corrugated fiberboard can be seen everywhere in our daily life. A piece of corrugated cardboard consists of a fluted corrugated sheet and one or two flat linerboards. The raw material of corrugated fiberboard is called kraft containerboard, made from chemical pulp.

Corrugated board is manufactured on automatic machinery lines, known as corrugators or flute lamination machines. After the corrugated fiberboard is preheated, preconditioned, and glued, it will go through the automatic slitter scorer, where the board is slit to the width required and score to ensure the exact folding of the box later on. Then, a long straight cut off knife will cut the corrugated cardboard to the exact length required.

When choosing slitter scorer knives and cut off knives, we should take into account the unique properties of corrugated cardboard. Its rigidity allows it to support heavy pressure and its layers grant it flexibility when wrapping. The glue in the board will also influence the slitting and cutting results.

Konetool manufactures and supplies both slitter scorer knives and cut off knives for the corrugated industry. Our corrugated knives are compatible with most of the famous corrugators in the world, such as BHS, Justu, Xiexu, Fosber, Agnati, Kaituo, Marquip, Hsieh Hsu, Mitsubishi, Jingshan, Wanlian, and TCY. Besides, our corrugated machine knives conform to OEM tolerances and specifications and we can supply both tungsten carbide and high speed steel materials. All of our corrugated knives have received recognition in the global market thanks to outstanding quality and competitive prices.

Of course, as an experienced machine knife company, we fully understand that there are customization requirements at times. If you need customization services, please provide a drawing, a sample, or required specifications for our reference.

Konetool Corrugated Machine Knife Features:

  • Extreme durability and less downtime;
  • Outperformed cutting results;
  • Higher cutting efficiency and increased productivity;
  • Precision cutting;
  • A variety of sizes are available;
  • Competitive prices;
  • Customization services.

Corrugated Slitter Knives

As mentioned above, a slitter scorer is a process on corrugated manufacturing automatic machinery lines. It is used for slitting the board to the required width and scoring to ensure the exact folding of the box later on. During frequent cuts and scores, the highest priority includes quick positioning and precision cutting of the knives. Konetool has been devoted to manufacturing corrugated slitter knives for over 10 years. Our corrugated machine knives are made from 100% virgin solid tungsten carbide to ensure strength and durability. With excellent wear and abrasion resistance, our knives reduce corrugator downtime and increase productivity. Each knife is precision ground, resulting in a clean-cut finish. Our slitter scorer knives are suitable for BHS, Justu, Xiexu, Fosber, Agnati, Kaituo, Marquip, Hsieh Hsu, Mitsubishi, Jingshan, Wanlian, and TCY corrugators. For every piece of slitter knife, we also offer matching diamond grinding stones/wheels.

Cut Off Knives

After slitting and scoring, the corrugated cardboard will be cut off to the exact required length by a long straight cut off knife. Konetool supplies premium high speed steel (HSS) corrugated cut off knives for top-brand corrugators, such as BHS, JS, Hsieh Hsu, Kaituo, Fosber, and Justu. Our HSS cut off knives feature extremely clean cuts and extended service life, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Male Slot Knives

Male slot knives, also known as upper slot knives, are designed for slotting in the corrugated industry. Konetool offers top quality standard and custom male slot knives made from high-grade high speed steel (HSS). Most upper slot knives are custom-made, meeting specific slotting needs. With your drawings or samples, we are able to manufacture the male slot knives you require.

As an ISO certified supplier and manufacturer, Konetool is well aware of customers’ requirements. Therefore, over the past years, we keep perfecting our technology and service. If you are interested in our corrugated slitter knives, cut off knives, or male slot knives, please request a quote and our salespeople are glad to provide the most suitable solutions for you.


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