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Cigarette Filter

Cigarette filter cutting knives cut cigarette filter rods into small tips, performing an essential role in the tobacco and cigarette industry. Konetool offers tobacco cutting knives and cigarette filter knives for Hauni tobacco machinery and other tobacco-making machines.

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Tobacco cutting knives and cigarette filter cutting knives are widely used in the tobacco and cigarette industry. Tobacco making and packaging involves many cutting applications, and having the right tobacco cutting knife can ensure your operations running at peak performance. As the leading global wholesale company in Asia, Konetool offers cigarette and filter cutting knives that have proven their performance on many brand-leading secondary processing machines, including Hauni, Molins, GD, SASIB, Decoufle, Garbuio, and Sealpac.

Not just tobacco and cigarette filter cutting, all industrial cutting procedures require specific tools. For different industrial applications and situations, the right blades matter. Having the right industrial knife will make the operations easier and more efficient. Konetool industrial knives are trusted in many industries, including corrugated, packaging, converting, tissue paper, metal shearing, tobacco and cigarette, recycling, etc.

Konetool tobacco cutting knife features

Konetool tungsten carbide tobacco and cigarette filter circular blades are made from 100% raw material, built for improving the production and quality level of your production line. Each one of our tobacco cutting knives is made of premium tungsten carbide and well polished on both sides, allowing for ultra sharpness and durability and ensuring the better quality level of your production line. The razor-sharp circular blade serves tobacco machinery of various brands, giving you a smooth finish and fast cutting speed.

Konetool is an ISO-certified tobacco cutting knife manufacturer and supplier. Our advanced technology ensures the knife will produce a perfect cut every time and meet the high-quality standards of our global industries. We manufacture our tobacco cutting machine knives with the highest accuracy and strict quality control for the best quality and stable performance. For consistent sharpness, evenly distributed hardness, great wear resistance, and reduced machine downtime, you can rely on Konetool tobacco and cigarette filter cutting knives.

Hauni tobacco cutting knife for cigarette filters

Cigarette filters are made from plastic cellulose acetate fibre, used to reduce the harmful elements inhaled by smokers. Konetool supplies quality tungsten carbide industrial knives to slice the cigarette filter fiber with consistent high performance. Our tobacco circular knife is developed to fit Hauni tobacco-making machines.

Hauni is one of the leading names in the tobacco and cigarette industry. Its pioneering technology and innovation enable state-of-art engineering and remarkable quality. Konetool supplies Hauni tobacco cutting knives for cigarette filters at competitive prices, serving the Hauni tobacco machines of our worldwide customers. Apart from Hauni tobacco machinery, our tobacco circular slitting knives may be compatible with other cigarette-making machines like Molins, GD, SASIB, Sealpac, Mondini, Multivac, and Dickinson Legg.

Tobacco cutting knife customization

With our rich experience in manufacturing and supplying tobacco and filter cutting knives, Konetool provides custom tobacco and filter cutting blades according to the requirement of our customers. If you are looking for a reliable source to custom design your tobacco cutting knives, Konetool has cigarette cutting blades that can perform with consistency and efficiency. Whether you are an end-user or an original equipment manufacturer, please feel free to send us your drawings and requirements. Konetool team will offer you our best solutions.

Konetool is the leading industrial knife manufacturer and supplier in Asia. Our industrial knives, slitting knives, and machine knives are trusted by our global clients across a wide range of industries. For our full CNC production lines, rigorous quality control, and continuous in-process inspection, we have full confidence in our industrial knives for tobacco cutting machines. Konetool team is always working on improving our product quality and service. If you have any questions about our tobacco and cigarette filter cutting knives, please free feel to contact us, and we are very happy to give our best offer.


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