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Fiberglass Routers

Fiberglass routers are designed for a wide variety of cutting duties in automotive, aerospace, boating, railway, and RV industries, and can be used on CNC machines or hand routing. It is ideal for use on fiberglass, carbon fiber, plastics, fiber cement, laminate, phenolic, thermoset resin, thermoplastic blends, and other non-metallic and composite materials.

Konetool fiberglass router bit comes with 4 cut types. We offer no end cut fiberglass router, bur end fiberglass router, End Mill End fiberglass router, and Drill End fiberglass router. Our router burrs are made with premium micro-grain solid carbide, featuring fast cut speed and long service life. Konetool has been supplying fiberglass routers for more than 20 years, and our tech team and sales are always ready to deliver the most efficient cutting solutions for you.


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