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We manufacture and supply a wide range of industrial machine knives for the converting industry, including industrial razor blades (3-hole razor blades and slotted blades), chemical fiber cutting blades, rotary blades for textile and fabric cutting, and slitter rewinder knives.

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What Is The Converting Industry?

Materials, such as films and foils, papers, textiles, and fabrics, in rolls of thin and flat form are called webs. The process of changing or converting the webs into an intermediate form or final product is known as converting or web processing. The practices behind the process are called the converting industry. Converting processes mainly include coating, laminating, printing, and slitting.

What Is Slitting?

In the converting industry, slitting is the process to cut a “master” or “parent” roll of a web into several smaller rolls for easier management. During the slitting process, the wide roll goes through a row of blades that slit the web to narrower rolls. Slitting machines are used to slit the materials. Generally speaking, there are two types of slitting machines: slitter rewinders and roll slitters. Materials processed by a slitter rewinder will be rewound after the slitting process. According to unique slitting needs, different slitting machines are required. For most manufacturers, choosing the right slitting blades is of supreme importance. Materials in the converting industry are flexible, thus it is hard to slit without damaging the material.

Konetool is an ISO certified supplier that has been dedicated to manufacturing tungsten carbide slitting blades for the converting industry for over 10 years. All of our converting machinery knives have received recognition in the global market thanks to outstanding quality and competitive prices. With our micro-grain tungsten carbide virgin material, full CNC production lines, and rigorous quality inspection processes, we are capable of offering the most cost-efficient solutions to you.

Apart from standard sizes, we can also manufacture custom slitter blades. If you need customization services, please provide a drawing, a sample, or required specifications for our reference.

Industrial Razor Blades

Konetool supplies high-performance industrial razor blades made from solid tungsten carbide for film slitting and foil converting applications. We stock a large selection of standard and custom industrial razor blades, including slotted blades, 3-hole slitter blades, and more. We provide these industrial razor blades in different edge geometries, sizes, and coatings due to the complexity of the materials being cut.

When narrow rolls are needed, the razor slitting method is used. Our complete understanding of the converting industry enables us to manufacture outperformed slotted blades and 3-hole slitter blades, and help our customers maximize productivity and reduce downtime. Tungsten carbide is the material we select for blade manufacturing thanks to its outstanding strength and wear resistance.

Konetool is focusing on fabricating premium and consistent quality industrial razor blades. Our full CNC production lines and rigorous quality inspections contribute a lot to the consistent quality within every batch.

Konetool Industrial Razor Slitting Blade Features:

  • 100% virgin tungsten carbide;
  • Perfect flatness and hardness;
  • Precision cutting and extreme sharpness;
  • Wear and impact resistance;
  • Extended service life;
  • Varied sizes and types.

Our industrial razor blades are compatible with converting machines such as Reifenhauser, Barmag, Windmoller & Holscher, Starlinger, Bruckner, SML, Kampf, and more.

Textile & Fabric Cutting Blades

A textile is a flexible material manufactured by creating interlocking bundles of yarns or threads. Weaving, knitting, crocheting, or knotting these yarns together forms textiles. Due to their great flexibility, textiles are widely used in the clothing, packaging, carpeting, and filtering industries. As mentioned above, slitting flexible materials is not an easy task. The slitting blade is of crucial importance. Konetool manufactures and supplies tungsten carbide rotary blades, drag blades, and oscillating blades for cutting textiles, fabrics, leathers, and other flexible materials in the converting industry. Our blades are cost-effective replacements for Zünd cutters like Z50, Z51, Z52, Z53, etc. Made from 100% virgin tungsten carbide, our slitting blades feature excellent durability. As a result, fewer blade changes are needed and productivity is greatly improved. With super strength and sharpness, the cutting finish is clean and precise.

Chemical Fiber Cutting Blades

Chemical fibers, or man-made fibers, are a type of flexible materials with good crease-resistance, high tensile strength, and shape retention, making them difficult to cut off with no unraveling. Konetool manufactures and supplies standard and custom chemical fiber cutting blades made from micro-grain tungsten carbide. Our chemical fiber knives are extremely sharp to ensure a precision cutting finish. Longer tool life results in fewer blade changes, improving productivity. Our chemical fiber cutting knives are suitable for slitting various chemical fibers, including regenerated fibers, synthetic fibers, staple fibers, fiberglass, etc. They are compatible with famous-brand machines like Oerlikon Barmag ®, Oerlikon Neumag ®, Fleissner ®, DM&E ®, Zimmer ®, Lumus ®, etc.

Slitter Rewinder Knives

In the tissue converting industry, rewinders are of great importance. A slitter rewinder machine is used to convert large rolls of materials into narrower rolls with different slit widths. It is ideal for processing flexible packaging materials like paper, film, foil, plastic, and more. Konetool supplies tungsten carbide knives for slitter rewinders, covering top knives and bottom knives. Our rewinder knives feature excellent durability and clean cutting finish. From napkins to toilet paper, Konetool can meet all your requirements for converting tissue paper.

Request a quote if you need tungsten carbide slitting knives and solutions. Konetool is always your best choice for tungsten carbide machine knives.


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