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Annular Cutters

As an ISO-certified annular cutter manufacturer and supplier, Konetool offers quality mag drill bits for every application of our clients at competitive prices. We provide a full line of HSS and TCT annular cutters, both served in single pieces and sets. We also supply a full range of annular cutter arbors and pilot pins. All the products can be ordered as customization.

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Annular cutters, also known as mag drill bits or slugger bits, are designed for magnetic base drills. They can also be used on milling machines or drill presses and can be even used on handheld drills. This metalworking tool creates smooth-walled and burr-free holes in sheet metal and heavy steel. Konetool best-quality annular drill bits serve worldwide customers across various industries like construction, engineering, mining, petrochemical, gas and oil, and railway. All the shank styles you can choose include Weldon shank, Universal/Nitto shank, Fein-quick-in shank, threaded shank, and Parallel shank. Both metric and imperial specifications are available.

Twist drill bits VS Annular cutters

  • Compared with conventional twist drill bits, annular bits have more cutting edges, which allows annular cutter bits to drill much faster with much less horsepower and effort.
  • Twist drill bits remove all the material of the hole to be created while drilling. On the other hand, annular cutters remove only a small amount of material around the perimeter of the hole, producing fewer chips.
  • Slugger bits remain sharp longer than twist drills and can create 5 to 10 times more holes. Thus though mag drill bits feature a higher price, the cost per hole is lower than twist drill bits.
  • Broach drill bits do not require predrilling or step drilling and can drill more difficult and larger holes on pipes or tubings.
  • Twist drill bits are ideal for blind holes, while annular cutters cut through holes, leaving precise and burr-free holes.
  • For core drills, a pilot pin centers the bit, allowing coolant or lubricant to flow to the flutes when drilling and removing the slug after drilling.
  • Using an annular drill bit with a drill press or milling machine needs an arbor adapter.

HSS annular cutters

High-speed steel annular cutters are the most popular style of mag drill bits. They create smooth holes in many materials like stainless steel, copper, cast iron, and plastics. Compared with tungsten carbide-tipped annular cutters, HSS annular cutters are usually cheaper and can be re-sharpened multiple times, while carbide annular cutters are difficult to re-grind.

Konetool is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-performance HSS annular cutter bits. We use M35 cobalt alloyed high-speed steel to build our HSS annular bits, enabling better hot hardness, cutting ability, and toughness. Our advanced teeth design allows for a better finish, exact sizing, and optimum chip clearance.

Konetool offers HSS annular drill bits both in millimeters and inches. The metric diameter ranges from 12mm to 65mm, with D.O.C 8mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm. The imperial diameter comes from 7/16 inch to 2-3/8 inches, with D.O.C 1 inch, 2 inches, 3 inches, and 4 inches.

TCT annular cutters

Konetool has proven to be a reliable name for our high-quality carbide products and rich experience in global trade. Konetool TCT mag drill bits are made from top-quality virgin tungsten carbide and fine alloy steel, allowing for raised cutting speed and extremely long tool life.

Thanks to the carbide tips, TCT annular drill bits can drill fast and clean holes in hardened material like tensile strength steel. The carbide teeth, with great heat resistance, retain sharpness longer than HSS teeth, thus TCT annular cutters can create larger holes. They are commonly used in many industries like construction, engineering, mining, and railway.

Our carbide slugger bits are also available both in millimeters and inches. The metric diameter ranges from 12mm to 15omm, with D.O.C 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm. The imperial diameter comes from 1/2 inch to 5-7/8 inch, with D.O.C 2 inches, 3 inches, and 4 inches.

Annular cutter pilot pins

The broach cutter pilot pin precisely centers the cutter and ejects the slug when cutting completes. During the cutting process, the pilot pin allows a steady flow of internal coolant to reach the cutting surface. Konetool annular cutter pilot pins are hardened for longevity, providing a fast and accurate position of core drill bits.

Annular cutter arbor

Konetool offers annular cutter arbor adaptors to quickly and easily adapt annular bits to machines with a morse taper or 1/2-20 UNF fitting. They can work with annular drill bits with Weldon shank, Universal/Nitto shank, and Parallel shank, served with Allen keys and screws. Our morse taper arbors range from MT2 to MT6, available for automatic internal cooling or outer cooling.

Annular cutter customization

To meet any special needs of our customers, Konetool provides customization service for annular cutter bits. As a custom choice, we offer mini HSS annular cutters with a minimum cutting diameter of 8mm, as well as large HSS slugger bits with cutting diameters of 66mm to 130mm and a maximum D.O.C. of 150mm; for TCT annular cutters, we offer annular bits with cutting diameters of 150mm to 200mm and a maximum D.O.C. of 200mm. You can also build your own annular cutter sets as a custom order, although we offer ready-to-sell mag drill bit sets.

Konetool is a worldwide recognized ISO-certified company. With years of experience in developing quality annular cutters for every application, Konetool has become one of the leading wholesale companies in Asia. If you are interested in our annular cutter bits and accessories, please request a quote for further information(MOQ, price, delivery, etc).


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