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Annular Cutters

Annular cutters or mag drill bits are designed for magnetic base drills, but also work well in milling machines or drill presses, and can be even used on handheld drills. This special type of hole maker allows you to drill through heavy steel, creating smooth-walled, burr-free holes. Compared with a twist drill, a slugger bit removes only a little material around the edge of the hole with its teeth, creating a solid slug. It consumes less power, produces less torque, and drills more accurate holes.

Konetool has been developing quality annular cutters to offer solutions for every application. We provide standard HSS annular cutters, TCT annular cutters, and annular cutter sets. We also provide a range of annular cutter accessories, including pilot pins and shank arbors. To fit the special needs of our clients, Konetool offers customization services for almost all annular cutter products. Request for quotation for more detailed information (MOQ, price, delivery, etc).


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