Tungsten Carbide Slitter Knives for Mask-Making Machines

Published On: June 18, 2020

Tungsten carbide knives and blades are widely used in the mask-making industry.

Under the epidemic, masks have become so necessary for protection. Carbide blades are widely used in various mask machines, including cup mask machines, non-woven flat mask machines, N95 mask machines, 3M9001 / 9002 folding mask machines, duck mouth mask machines, three-dimensional dust mask machines, etc.


Cemented carbide has sufficient strength and toughness so that the blade can work under high pressure and under the impact and vibration conditions that often occur during the cutting process without chipping and breaking. Cemented carbide has high heat resistance (thermal stability) so that the blade maintains a certain hardness, wear resistance, strength, and toughness under high-temperature conditions, and maintains good oxidation resistance, anti-sticking, and resistance under high temperatures The ability to diffuse even if the blade has good chemical stability.

The main carbide blades for mask machines are carbide scrapers and carbide bottom slitter knives. Both the blades are made of high-quality cemented carbide materials, with sharp edges, high cutting or scraping efficiency, smooth cuts, uniform, and beautiful slices, sharp edges and no slag, smooth cutting, durable, long-term cutting, still sharp no deformation, fewer blade replacement times, and improved production efficiency.

Carbide scrapers for mask-making machines

The quality of the scraper is an important factor that determines the efficiency and quality of the sub-cutting of masks. The use of high-precision cemented carbide scraper blades can effectively clean up the waste generated by cutting in the mask machine and recycling it without causing pollution to the environment.


Bottom slitter knives for mask-making machines

The carbide bottom slitter knives for mask machines refer to two blades, namely an upper cutter and a lower cutter. The quality of the carbide upper and lower cutters is affected by many factors. Among them, the change of various process parameters during the sintering process has a great influence on the quality of the mask machine blade. The constituent materials such as a binder, matrix material, and the cleanliness and granularity of the particle surface all determine the performance of the blade.


The base body of the bottom slitter knives for the mask machine is made of tungsten carbide-based cemented carbide with high hardness, toughness, wear-resistance, and good thermal conductivity. As a binder and solvent, Co can significantly improve the sintering degree of the blade and enhance the strength of the blade. However, the content of Co should not be too high, otherwise, it will affect the wear resistance of the blade and shorten the service life of the blade.

The serious epidemic situation, combined with the urgent demand for masks has made the impact-resistant cemented carbide materials replace the original high-speed steel blades. These carbide blades work continuously for 24 hours, which has won precious time and guaranteed the production of medical masks.

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