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Carbide Burr Set


Konetool provides ready-to-sell carbide burr set for your convenient in business. From case selection, labeling, instruction in the box to laser mark your own brand on the tool, our customers benefits from saving cost, increasing turnover and enhance their brand awareness.
Of course, labeling your own brand after receiving is also an option.

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KONETOOL carbide burr set type:

  • We provide 3 types of sets for 1/4″ or 6mm shank carbide burrs, containing 5, 8, or 10 burrs respectively. Color customization of the case is available. You can use our recommended burr bits selections or build it on your own.
  •   We provide 2 types of sets for 1/8”(3mm) shank rotary burrs, containing 20 or 40 burrs respectively. You can use our recommended burr bits selections or build it on your own.


Brand Customization Option:

  • Label design-your logo required
  • Package Printing&Labeling


  • Laser mark on burr shank(only for 1/4″ or 6mm shank burrs)


  • Instruction printing


Available Shape:


Shape A Cylindrical Plan End

Shape B Cylindrical End Cut

Shape C Cylindrical Ball Nose

Shape D Ball Shape

Shape E Oval Shape

Shape F Tree Radius End

Shape G Point Tree Shape

Shape H Flame Shape

Shape J 60-degree countersink

Shape K 90 degree countersink

Shape L Cone Radius End

Shape M Cone Pointed Shape

Shape N Inverted Cone



  • The company confidentiality agreement is ready to sign
  • Made of 100% virgin WC powder
  • Use only premium quality raw material(both Tungsten carbide powder&stainless steel shank)
  • CNC welding technology results in burr bit never detached from shank in history
  • Made by full CNC production lines from welding, grinding, polishing, and cleaning ensures both consistent quality and product efficiency
  • Free Sample Available



  • Deburring
  • Contouring
  • Carving
  • Chamfering
  • Edge Rounding
  • Weld seams removal
  • Cast material removal
  • Workpiece geometry Modification



  • Air die grinder (Pneumatic rotary tools)
  • Flexible Shaft
  • Extended body & spindle grinder
  • Straight grinder
  • Robot
  • CNC machines (Specification required)



  • Shank diameter tolerance: (–0.03,0mm)
  • Blade diameter tolerance: (+-0.2mm)
  • Blade length tolerance : (+0.2,+0.5mm)
  • Total length tolerance: (+-1mm)


For more options such as coating, special or extra long shank, and special cutting geometry, please refer to our customized burr page.


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