Development of Chinese Carbide Cutter Manufacturers

Published On: June 1, 2020

Abstract: With the development of industry and manufacturing, the requirements for tools are getting higher and higher. High-speed steel tools can no longer meet the needs of productivity, and then people find that cemented carbide has high hardness and high wear resistance, and then carbide has begun to be widely used in industry. China’s abundant tungsten ore resources, the development of science and technology, and globalization, this has enabled China to gain a momentum of vigorous development in the field of hard alloy cutting tools.

1. Rich tungsten ore resources

China is the largest country in tungsten resources in the world, and its reserves of tungsten ore account for 65% of the world. China accounts for 80% of the global supply of tungsten resources every year. This shows that China has the advantage of developing the carbide tool industry naturally. Tungsten resources in Hunan and Jiangxi provinces account for 50% of China’s tungsten resources. Therefore, the manufacturers of Chinese carbide tools are mostly concentrated in these two provinces or neighboring provinces.

2. Development and Globalization of China’s Science and Technology

With the development of globalization and global economic integration, China’s foreign trade has achieved good development, and China’s economy has also developed rapidly. China’s scientific level is also constantly improving, and enterprises are transforming from labor-intensive to high-tech and high value-added. In this era of rapid development in all walks of life, dental “knives” known as an industry have also been further developed. Among them are: diamond tools, ceramic tools, cubic boron nitride tools, and cemented carbide tools, and cemented carbide is widely used due to its high performance and low cost.


3.Main manufacturers of Chinese carbide tools

The main domestic manufacturers in China: Zhuzhou Diamond, Chengliang Tools, Chengdu Inge, Ha Yigong, Ha Liang, Shanghai Second Machine Tool Accessories Factory, etc.

Zhuzhou Diamond has a world-class indexable CNC blade production line and supporting tool production line, a solid carbide hole processing tool production line, a traditional blade production line, a non-metallic ceramic blade and a structural component production line, and has set up a collection of scientific research and applied research R & D Center.

Among these producers, Zhuzhou Diamond is China’s leading boss. It ranks among the top in terms of sales, type, and quality. Its annual sales and market share can even be compared with Kenner.

With the continuous development of foreign trade, many foreign brand cutter companies have also begun to enter China, by holding or looking for agency companies. Makes China’s hard alloy cutting tool market fiercely competitive.

Summary: Although China’s cemented carbide tools have been greatly improved and developed, after all, the Chinese tool industry has a late start, and there is still a certain gap compared with international first-class tools. But I believe that China will continue to narrow the gap in the next few years, and eventually become one of the world’s first-class manufacturers of carbide tools.

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