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Flush Trim Router Bits


Konetool supplies a full selection of industrial-quality flush trim router bits mainly for distributors, traders, and wholesalers across the world.

Used on: Router tables, CNC routing machines

Shank: 1/4″, 1/2″

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Flush trim router bits are ideal for laminates and wood veneer work. Konetool offers a full selection of flush trim router bits more than the ones below, including standard flush trim router bits, extra-long flush trim router bits (for thicker materials), short flush trim router bits (for thinner materials), face-inlay router bits, etc. We use 100% virgin tungsten carbide and high-grade steel shank to guarantee the quality and performance of our door and winder router bits.

Some types of our flush trim router bits are as follows:


Flush Trim Router Bit                                           Extra Long Flush Trim Router Bit                         Short Flush Trim Router Bit


standard flush trim router bits              extra long flush trim router bits                 short flush trim router bit

Request a quote for further information (other flush trim router bit types, MOQ, price, delivery) if you are interested in our flush trim router bits. Our salespeople and engineers are ready to provide tailor-made solutions for you.


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