General Knowledge You Need to Know About Circular Slitting Knives

Published On: June 30, 2020

The slitting knife is a very precise tool, which can reduce the downtime of machine operation. The slitting knife is divided into an upper knife and a lower knife, which is installed on the knife shaft of the slitting machine, and uses the rolling shear principle to slit a variety of capacitor paper, aluminum foil, metalized film, foam with a thickness of 0.01 ~ 0.1mm. , Mesh, protective film, release paper, double-sided adhesive conductive accessories, etc.

The slitting knife is divided into a square knife cutting and a circular slitting knife. The blades of the square slitter are mainly divided into single-sided blades and double-sided blades:
Square knife slitting is generally divided into two types: slot slitting and dangling slitting according to the slitting method.
Circular knife slitting mainly has two methods: upper and bottom knives and circular knife extrusion slitting.


Advantages of circular slitting knives

1. High accuracy and stability
2. Full electronic stacking knife and lateral force control
3. Appropriate setting can reduce blade wear
4. Reduce operating costs and downtime


Attentions when choosing a slitter blade

1. Not the one-sided pursuit of imported blades, only the cutting blade suitable for you. There is no best blade, only a suitable blade. The advantages and disadvantages of the blade of the slitter are relative. The key to the cutting effect of the blade is the application. For example, improper application of imported blades will not have good results, and domestic blades will achieve satisfactory results if they are used reasonably. This requires us to accumulate and summarize more in practice, and truly find the cutting blade suitable for ourselves.

2. Correctly handle the relationship between blade performance, price, and stability. In the relationship between the three, the stability of the blade is life, and the high-cost performance is the goal.

the circular slitting knife is widely used in various industries and greatly increased the production of different types of things applied in our daily life. Especially the tungsten carbide made slitting knife is more and more popular among various manufacturers.

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