How to choose high-quality tungsten carbide rotary burr

Published On: September 16, 2020

Cemented carbide rotary burrs, also known as carbide high-speed assorted milling cutter, which is used with high-speed electric mill or pneumatic tools. Cemented carbide rotary burr is largely used in machinery, automobile, shipbuilding, chemical industry, craft carving and other industrial sectors, with remarkable effect. So how to choose high-quality tungsten carbide rotary burr is very important for operator and procurement staff. There are several methods for choose high-quality tungsten carbide rotary burr.

 Selection of shape of tungsten carbide rotary burrs

Section shape of cemented carbide rotary burr cutter should be selected according to shape of  workpiece to be processed, so that shapes of two parts are compatible. When processing  internal arc surface, semi-circular burr or round burr (small diameter workpiece) should be selected; when processing inner corner surface, triangular burrs should be selected; when processing inner right angle surface, flat burr and square burr can be selected. When flat burr is used to cut inner right angle surface, it is necessary to make narrow surface (smooth edge) without teeth close to one of inner right angle surfaces, so as to avoid damaging right angle surface.


Choice of carbide rotary burr tooth thickness

Thickness of burr teeth supposed to be selected according to allowance size of workpiece, machining accuracy and material properties. Coarse tooth carbide burr is suitable for machining workpieces with large allowance, low dimensional accuracy, large form and position tolerance, large surface roughness value and soft material; otherwise, fine tooth carbide burr should be selected. When using, it should be chosen according to machining allowance, dimensional accuracy and surface roughness required by workpiece.

Selection of size and specification of carbide burr

Size and specification of cemented carbide rotary burr should be selected according to size of workpiece and machining allowance. When machining size is large and allowance is large, cemented carbide rotary burr with large size should be selected, or tungsten carbide rotary burr with small size should be selected instead.


Selection of teeth pattern of tungsten carbide burr

Tooth pattern of tungsten steel carbide rotary burrs should be chosen according to properties of  workpiece material to be processed. When filing aluminum, copper, soft steel and other soft materials, best choice is single tooth (milling teeth) carbide burr. Single tooth pattern file has large front angle, small wedge angle, large chip holding groove, hard chip blocking and sharp cutting edge.

After know methods and principle of select high-quality tungsten carbide rotary burr, it turns to understand its application and advantage. Cemented carbide rotary burr is an essential tool in industrial processing and it is also a favorite tool for craft lovers. As teeth of industry, cemented carbide rotary burr covers various benefits and largely used in many fields.

1. Can process cast iron, cast steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other metals, and marble, jade, bone and other non-metallic. Processing hardness can reach HRA ≥ 85.

2. It can basically replace small grinding wheel with handle without dust pollution.

3. High production efficiency. Processing efficiency is ten times higher than that of manual burr and nearly ten times higher than that of small grinding wheel with handle.

4. Good processing quality and high finish. It can process all kinds of high precision mould cavities.

5. Long service life. Its durability is 10 times higher than that of high speed steel tool and 200 times higher than that of small grinding wheel.

6. Easy to master, easy to use, safe and reliable.

7. Comprehensive processing cost can be reduced by dozens of times.


Service life of tungsten steel carbide rotary burrs is another element for product performance and key point which Procurement and users both pay attention. There are some instructions for prolong service life of cemented carbide rotary burr. In order to prolong service life of cemented carbide rotary burr, following rules must be observed:

1. It is not allowed to use new tungsten steel carbide rotary burrs to process hard metal;

2. It is not allowed to process quenched materials with tungsten steel carbide rotary burrs ;

3. Forgings and castings with hard skin or sticking sand can only be processed with a semi sharp carbide burr after being ground off by a grinder;

4. Use one side of new carbide burr first, and then use the other side after first surface is blunt,

5. During processing, always use a wire brush to remove chips on carbide burr teeth,

6. Cemented carbide rotary burr should not be overlapped or stacked with other tools;

7.It is not advised to use tungsten steel carbide rotary burrs so fast, in order to avoid abrasive of carbide burr.

8.Cemented carbide rotary burr should be kept away from water, oil or other dirt;

9.It is not allowed to file soft metal with thin carbide burr.

10. When using cemented carbide rotary burr, force should not be too large,so as not to breaking carbide burr.

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