Is the mapping and inspection process important?

Published On: March 6, 2020

Is the mapping and inspection process important? Good question, everyone has their own opinions.

In the cemented carbide field, most companies do not have product testing equipment and do not value the drawing process. They believe that sales performance is the most important, but this is often not the case. We know that, whether it is products or services, quality is the most important, and we should focus more on how to improve the production process and service level of products in order to gain customer recognition.


Let’s analyze below, if you violate the rules of good faith management, do not pay attention to some problems that may occur in the drawing and testing process:
1. Short tool life;
2. Tool clamping is easy to break and damage;
3. Shape details do not meet customer requirements.

These problems may be the result of a combination of factors, but they can be roughly divided into the following aspects:
1. The short service life may be due to the fact that the material of the product does not meet the established requirements. It is particularly important to use a coercivity meter and a cobalt magnetometer to analyze the material of the product during product testing. Can achieve the best performance and life;
2. The reason that the tool clamping is easy to damage is that the tool itself has an unreasonable edge angle when designing the drawing;
3. The customer’s requirements were not well understood during the design of the drawings, and the communication was not well done.


How to solve the above problems is the core difficulty facing the company.
Only by applying for the right medicine and taking corresponding measures according to different situations can the customer’s trouble be effectively solved. Our specific measures are as follows:
1. When testing materials in the testing room, strictly follow the material requirements of the brand itself to ensure that;
2. Improve and rationalize the design of drawings;
3. Have a lot of communication with customers to understand the needs of customers and design products accurately and reasonably.

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