KoneTool’s Advantages and Differences

Published On: March 6, 2020

1. Production Capctity

Many years of rich industry experience and expanding trade demand have made our production capacity continuously improve. At present, our production capacity has reached a relatively high level, and all kinds of products are produced online. Take some of them as examples:

Woodworking carbide knives Value350,000pcs/moth
Carbide industry slitting knives12,000pcs/moth
Carbide rotary burrs100,000pcs/moth
Other carbide blades50000pcs/moth
Sprare Capacity20%

2. Quality Stability and Traceability

Virgin Material and strict inspection process Keep high level, each product has an ID and can trace. If there is a problem with a product, we can quickly analyze which link the problem occurs in, so our production process and supporting services have become better and better.

3. Large Stock

For ISO standard size knives, nearly keep the large stock, the leading time can be within 7 days.

4. MOQ

The MOQ can be one piece

5. Packing Service

Provide the standard box for each product and also offer the custom-packing service


6. Custom-service

As long as you provide us with the corresponding size or model, we can manufacture tungsten carbide products that fully meet your requirements.

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