lithium battery fillet knife speeds up digital product evolution

Published On: April 24, 2020

Environmentally friendly Lithium battery is in wide use

Lithium battery represents the new energy of the 21st century and a new milestone in the industrial field. Lithium batteries are also increasingly merged into our lives, and keep in touch with us day by day. Compared with the traditional electromagnetic, lithium battery is greener and more friendly to the environment and its performance is much superior.


Thanks to their superior performance, lithium batteries have been so widely used daily. At present, almost 90% of small digital product runs with lithium batteries. With the continuous development of science and technology, lithium batteries will apply in people’s deeper life filed.

Lithium batteries are widely used in cars, notebooks, mobile phones, battery cars, TV remote control, toys, and so on. What is behind this extended application is a growing demand for lithium batteries and the high output.

The annual output of lithium batteries rose at 25%

In the year of 2014, the year production of lithium-ion batteries in China reached 5.287 billion, accounting for 71.2% of the global total output. In the year 2017, the lithium battery output exceeded 10 billion, with a growth rate of 27.81%. In the year 2018, lithium battery output reached 12.1 billion, a growth rate of 22.86%. In the year 2019, overall production reached 15.7 billion. The domestic lithium-ion battery industry has entered a stage of rapid growth, becoming the world’s major lithium battery producer and consumer.

The average growing at rate of about 25% every year witnesses the production strength of China’s lithium battery manufacturers.

lithium battery fillet knife helps win the battery production

And in all this growth, a blade is playing a vital role: a lithium battery fillet knife. Its composition is tungsten carbide, which has the feature of high hardness, high temperature resistance, high wear resistance, high cutting speed, and so on. These great features also make tungsten carbide being favored by cutting lines of various industries. With the increasing application of lithium battery fillet knives in the lithium battery production line, the output of lithium batteries shows rapid progress each year.

With the continuous evolution of digital products in the future, human requirements for lithium batteries will increase dramatically. And the higher quality and more precious lithium battery fillet knife is undoubtedly the vital key for many lithium battery manufacturers to win in the competition.

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