Particle Boards And Their Specific Circular Saw Blades

Published On: August 13, 2020

Today, we are going to talk about some basic knowledge about particle boards and the specific circular saw blades for particle boards.

The particle board is used in many materials used on veneer, stair treads, and your furniture like shelves, cabinets, and even some the sofa and wooden beds are made of particle boards. Most people use this kind of board because it is economical and practical. But in fact, these are not all the advantages it has.

Before we learn about the advantages of particle board, first let’s see the materials of particle board.


The particle board is a kind of wood-based panel made of various branches and buds, small-diameter wood, rapidly-growing wood, and wood chips, and these materials need to be cut into pieces of certain specifications. After drying, we will mix it with glue, hardener, and waterproofing agent and press it under a certain temperature and pressure. So if you cut off the particle board, you can find that there are chips arranged unevenly. By the way, there is another kind of wood particle board. Although some people call both of them ”particle board” and they are really similar to each other, they are still completely two kinds of boards. The biggest one is that they are made up of different materials.

But we are not going to talk about solid wood particle board today, so let’s back to our topic.


Manufacturers use particle board not just because it is cheap (even if it may be the reason they choose this material in the end). This kind of board also has other advantages as follows.

1. Good sound absorption. This kind of board is sound insulative.

2. The particle board is also a kind of insulation material. So it will be cooler in a particle board room.

3. Particle board has a smooth surface, it can carry on all kinds of veneer.

4. In the process of particle board production, a small amount of glue will be used, so this kind of board is quite an environment-friendly material.

5. Because wood chips are spread in the particle board, the performance of each direction is basically the same. But the transverse bearing force is relatively poor.

Specific circular saw blades for particle boards

Circular saw blades are widely used in woodworking, but one saw blade can not be used to deal with all kinds of boards because the different boards made up of different materials have different features. It is the same with the particle board. We now know that the interior of a particle board is a granular structure, so we should use a specifically saw blade to cut it off. Its name is specifical saw blade for particle board.


This kind of saw blade can be used on cut-to-size saw and push table saw. Its body is mainly made up of steel, but you can choose the material of its teeth. And here’s a kind of tungsten carbide profile for saw blades, which has a long service life, high hardness, heat, and corrosion resistance, and can be your best choice for the saw blades. Of course, there are other profiles like diamond saw blades with a longer service life than normal alloy saw blades, but it is relatively more expensive. It’s up to your project for choosing the profiles.

Particle board is widely using our daily life, your bed, cabinet, and door may be made with this kind of board. Personally speaking, knowing more about the thing in our daily life will only be good for us. At any rate, you can show off your knowledge to your friends.

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