Things You Should Know About Solid Spiral Cutters

Published On: August 19, 2020

1. HSS solid spiral cutters or Carbide solid spiral cutters

Compared with the former one, tungsten carbide solid spiral cutters have a higher hardness. What’s more, carbide can upgrade cutting force. Spiral cutters with higher stiffness and stronger cutting force can improve cutting speed and feed rate, which directly affect productivity. But everything has its advantages as well as its disadvantages. Tungsten carbide straight milling cutters with better properties are more expensive than HSS speed steel, and with high hardness, it is easy to be broken if you use it under a rapid alternation of speed. Besides, the HSS speed steel has a wider application. Even if cutting conditions are a little inappropriate, there will be no problem. Although a solid carbide spiral cutter has good wear resistance in high-speed cutting, its application range is not as wide as that of high-speed steel solid carbide spiral cutter, and its cutting conditions are more strict than HSS spiral cutters.

2. Up milling and climb milling

To prevent the break of your cutter, we usually do climb milling rather than up milling. Climb milling can make router bits use longer. But we should pay attention to two things. First, if machining with ordinary machine tools, we need to try to eliminate the clearance in the feeding mechanism. Secondly, when there’s an oxidation film or hardened layer on the surface of your workpiece, it is appropriate to use up milling.

3. Cutting speed

Cutting speed depends on your project’s materials, and feed speed mainly depends on the materials of workpieces and the diameter of end mills. However, cutting parameters like speed are also affected by machine tools and their system. The shape of workpieces and how it is clamped, etc., so the cutting speed and feed speed should be adjusted appropriately according to actual situations.

The efficiency of cutting speed is affected by many things. Its materials, milling ways, etc. As for the selection of HSS solid spiral cutters and tungsten carbide solid spiral cutters, it depends on your workpiece. But if you want to cut cost and have a quicker speed, tungsten carbide solid spiral cutters with long service is absolutely your best choice.

Production process of lithium battery slitting blade

  1. Pulping: mixing special solvent and binder with powder positive and negative active substances respectively, after high-speed stirring, paste-like positive and negative electrode materials are made.
  2. coating film: slurry is evenly coated on the surface of metal foil, dried, and made into positive and negative electrode plates respectively.
  3. Assembly: put the battery in order of positive plate diaphragm and negative plate diaphragm from top to bottom. After winding to support the battery cell, and n through the process of injecting electrolyte and sealing, the battery assembly process is completed and the finished battery is made.
  4. Into: use special battery charging and discharging equipment to test the charging and discharging of the finished battery. Every lithium battery is tested, and a qualified finished battery is screened out for delivery.

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