Solid Carbide High Feed Finishing End Mill for Impeller Deburring

Published On: August 27, 2020

Usually, there is not smooth surface smoothness on casting, which is determined by craft. However, something craft like van wheel expects much better surface perfection on key position. In a manner of speaking, the quality of finish has a direct impact on service behavior of impeller.

Impeller blade must be designed to more complicated three dimensional curved and distorted surface for the sake of decreasing loss of air flow energy and keeping flow stable. It made it difficult for impeller blade to surface finish precisely because of this type of irregular complex shape.

Vane buffing is split into three working procedure: cursory buffing, semi finished buffing, exquisite buffing. Reserved allowance is 0.08~0.12mm. In fine chasing stage, most of domestic companies are still in phase of traditional artificial burinshing. When other processes of impeller folium all employing automatic machinery batch production, conventional manual chasing clearly disorganize production takt. It is not easy to administration and management of product’s quality. But nowadays more and more complicated free-form vane and more and more precise requirements make artificial lapping out of style increasingly.


After grinding wheel abrasive belt burnishing technology is accepted by the market, vane wheel gradually steps into a brand new semi automatic polishing era. The principle of grinding wheel buffing is ground finishing, suited for complex surface. It has the advantage of low heat and not easy to burn workpiece. Whereas, abrasive belt burnishing with grinding wheel can not really be “all-purpose”. In modern aviation demand, some of their own inherent flaws are gradually magnified:

1. Leading to uneven machining allowance of blade, which is life-gate of solid grinding.

2. Not easy to process small folium and give rise to fire burn.

3. Can not care of tiny corners.

Above three shortcomings make impeller blade manufacturers have to find the best alternative–solid carbide high feed finishing end mill for impeller deburring.

1. Carbide rotary file’s safety factor is high.

2. Long life.

3. High deburring efficiency.

4. No powder layer pollution.

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