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Straight Router Bits


As a reliable router bit supplier, Konetool is capable of supplying industrial-quality straight router bits in a full range of types and sizes. We specifically provide straight router bits for wholesalers, traders, and distributors across the world.

Suitable for cutting: Natural wood, wood composites

Used on: Hand router, Router table, CNC machine

Shank: 1/4”, 1/2”

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Straight router bits are undoubtedly the most commonly used router bits due to their wide applications, including creating dadoes, grooves, or mortises, and cleaning the bottom of the workpiece. Generally, they are designed with a straight cutting edge that extends from the tip of the bit to the shank.

Konetool is a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial-quality straight router bits in China. Our outstanding supply ability enables us to provide a full range of straight router bits in different sizes. Here are the features of our straight router bits.

  • A solid tool-steel body that is strongly built by the CNC machine;
  • The shank is completely concentric to reduce imbalance, vibration, and run-out;
  • 100% virgin tungsten carbide that has an exceptionally fine grind, comparable to a mirror’s smooth surface;
  • Excellent geometric design to guarantee perfect cutting;
  • The brazing shows uniformity and consistency, free from any gaps or voids;
  • The sharpness ensures super-clean cuts;

If you’re a trader, wholesaler, or distributor of straight router bis, please feel free to contact us or directly request a quote on this page. Whatever types of straight router bits you’re looking for, Konetool is competent to provide the most outperformed bits at reasonable prices. Our quality bits definitely deserve your investment.

The following are some of our straight router bit types (we can provide more types):

Double-Flute Straight Router Bit                                Extra Long Straight Router Bit

Double-Flute Straight Router Bit                      Extra Long Straight Router Bit


Mortising Router Bit                                                         Bottom Cleaning Router Bit

Mortising Router Bit               Bottom Cleaning Router Bit


Solid Carbide Cutting Edge Straight Router Bits

This type of straight bit has a solid carbide cutting edge that is brazed into a steel shank. They are primarily designed for CNC production which has an extremely fast feed rate and requires excellent cutting results. By utilizing micro-grain tungsten carbide, tool life can be very long. Solid carbide cutting edge straight bits are perfect for grooving and nesting MDF, laminate, plywood, and melamine.

CNC Straight Router Bit

*We can also offer straight router bit sets.


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