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TCT Circular Saw Blade for Wood Crosscutting


Konetool supplies industrial-quality TCT circular saw blades for crosscutting.

Cutting Material: solid wood, hardwood, softwood, and plywood

Machine: miter saws, and table saws

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Konetool ultra-smooth crosscutting circular saw blade is ideal for cutting solid wood, hardwood, softwood, and plywood.

The blade covers two components: carbide-tipped teeth and a steel body. We use only the finest steel available for the body. All carbide tips are made from the best grades of tungsten carbide for accurate high speed cut, slicing through woods of any kind, such as cherry, poplar, pine, oak, maple, and more. Laser-cut heat expansion line is used to dissipate heat and the sound-dampening channels reduce vibration to enhance cutting accuracy across a wide range of cutting conditions. Our unique protective coat finish fights off potential damage caused by heat, friction, rust, corrosion, and resin to promote blade life.

Konetool circular saw blade provides polished, accurate, and scratch-free finish crosscuts on the materials, maintaining their straight shape and sharp edges.

Konetool TCT circular saw blade for crosscutting allows for compatibility with miter saws, and table saws.

Request a quote for further information (MOQ, price, delivery, etc) if you are interested in our wood crosscutting circular saw blades. Our salespeople and engineers will reach out to you shortly after a quote and provide tailor-made solutions for you.



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