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Conical Scoring Saw Blades


Konetool supplies industrial-quality conical scoring saw blades for woodworking projects.

Tooth geometry: ATB

ApplicationScoring laminated panels (with paper or plastic cover), fireproof materials, etc

Machine: Sliding table saw machine, horizontal panel saw machine, table saw

We focus on business-to-business sales of conical scoring saw blades. If you’re looking for a reliable supplier, do not hesitate to request a quote for further information (MOQ, price, delivery).

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The scoring saw blade, positioned in front of the main blade, is designed to make a shallow cut on the surface of coated panels, creating a groove that helps to prevent tear-out during the cutting process. Unlike adjustable scoring blades, conical scoring blades contain only one blade. By adjusting the height of conical scoring blades, we can change the width of the score.

Konetool supplies industrial-quality conical scoring saw blades for scoring coated panels, such as MDF, laminated, hardboard, multi-layer, and fireproof materials. The following are some features of our conical scoring blades:

  • The finest steel blade body provides tighter tolerances;
  • Micrograin tungsten carbide teeth;
  • Extremely efficient, smooth, vibration-free, and accurate cuts;
  • Extended tool life;
  • The non-stick coat prevents resin from building up.

Our conical scoring saw blades are equipped with the ATB tooth geometry and a positive cutting angle, ensuring a sharp and smooth cutting and preventing the bottom side from bursting.

Our conical scoring blades are mounted on panel sizing machines and sliding table machines equipped with scoring devices, including Casadei, Schelling, Martin, Panhans, Frama, Giben, Gabbiani, SCM, Holzma, Homag, Selco.

Besides, we also supply adjustable scoring saw blade sets.



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