The Surface Coating of Nonferrous Tungsten Carbide Burr for Cutting

Published On: August 21, 2020

Modern machining of metals require cutters high cutting speed, high reliability, high precision, and good cutting control force. Therefore, high level and jarless spraying technology are gradually coming into view. Comprehending the surface coating of hard meter carbide burrs in perspective has an effect on selecting tools.

The surface coating of the hard metal rotary file is mainly divided into the following categories, including titanium oxycarbide coating. Titanium oxyaluminate coating, titanium oxide coating, and diamond-like coating.

With regard to aluminum oxide coatings belong to good wearproof and rigid coatings, which have better mechanical properties’ oxidation resistance, wear-resistance, and chemical durability. This sort of cutlery principally applies to high alloy steel and stainless steel.

For titanium oxide is mainly applicable to work pieces that rust iron and steel. This type of coating is more general. It is capable of lowing the friction coefficient of the tool surface during application.

Diamond-like coating combines high hardness with good wear resistance. This coating has a strong binding to the substrate, in the meantime, together with a corrosion resistance character. It is designed for processing nonferrous metals such as aluminum alloy.


Surface coated cemented carbide has the following advantage:

(1) The material with dacromet carries with higher hardness and wear resistance. They can adapt faster to cutting velocity than uncoated blades. Or they can improve tool durability by leaps and bounds.

(2) The friction coefficient between the coating material and the material to be machined is less, so, milling power lessens than uncoated blade, about 5%. The lubrication film has nice solid-phase lubrication property, which may make machining quality perfect, also is suitable for dry-cutting.

(3) As a final process, it can be repeated.

(4) Reduce the use of cooling liquid, lower the cost and more protect the environment.

In the wake of cutting requirements’ continuous improvement and global green environmental protection’s growing trend, coating technology has been the main current of tungsten rotary files.

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