What is Cemented carbide blade circuit board foot blade

Published On: August 15, 2020

Cemented carbide blade circuit board foot blade is carbide blades for cutting PCB. PCB is short for Printed Circuit Board, which is an important electronic element, it is the supply of electronic components and the provider of electrical connection of electronic components. PCB is made by electronic printing,so it is called “printed” circuit board. Before the appearance of PCB, the interconnection between electronic components was completed by direct connection of wires. Now circuit boards exist only as useful test objects; printed circuit boards now occupy a certain position of control in the electronic industry. With the repaid development of PCB electronic industry,it is largely used in every fields in PCB electronic industry.


Carbide blade circuit board foot blade for PCB can be produced by using 0.4um ultrafine tungsten carbide, and its hardness is as high as 93.5hra .Besides, the carbide blades have good wear resistance.Cemented carbide blade circuit board foot blade is made of raw materials without pores and sand holes, and it also can provide nickle coating to increase hardness and corrosion resistance.


As for cemented carbide industry, carbide blades for cutting PCB has become a universal tool in electronic industry. With the speed development of PCB electronic industry, cemented carbide blade circuit board foot blade used in this area came into being. Carbide blades for cutting PCB in also known as “industrial teeth”, and carbide blade circuit board foot blade for PCB is widely used in every corner of modern manufacturing industry as a cutting tool. The cemented carbide blades for PCB electronic circuit board mainly includes tungsten steel cutting blade for cutting machine,V-CUT knife(v-clip knife or v-pit knife), Gong blades.etc.


Science and technology are the primary productive forces.The ability of human beings to transform nature changes with the improvement of tool performance. With the rapid development of cemented carbide blade in PCB industry, the service life and work efficiency are significantly improved.Under the condition of increasing labor cost, labor productivity is increased and the cost is decreased.It is another competitive advantage for PCB electronic production enterprises. Cemented carbide blade circuit board foot blade with excellent performance has become a popular tool in the electronic industry, and develops hand in hand with PCB electronic industry.

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