Why choose carbide saw blades for aluminum

Published On: August 14, 2020

Aluminum is a common martial in our life,and it different from iron and steel. Aluminum is softer than other martial such as steel,so the blades for processing it is also different from other carbide blades.

Carbide circular saw blades are a common tool in modern industrial fields. However, some people are not yet clear on why carbide blades have so many types. And why there are also carbide circular saw blades for aluminum alloy only. Operator should have a clear cognition about the difference between ordinary carbide saw blades and carbide blades for aluminum.


First of all, because the hardness of aluminum is lower than other materials, if the processing tools of other materials are used to process aluminum, it will not only cause damage to the aluminum material, but also damage the carbide blades. Besides, carbide saw blades for aluminum cannot use to process other metal marital. Secondly, the plasticity and melting point of aluminum are low. When processing aluminum with conventional carbide blades, it is easy to stick to the blades and poor chip removal, which will also affect the processing quality. Carbide circular saw blades for aluminum has solved the problem appropriately.Lastly, because the special characteristic of aluminum, if the aluminum alloy tool is used in the end, the chip removal problem will often aggravate if aluminum alloy is used.


Therefore, when selecting tungsten steel carbide saw blades for aluminum, the number of cutting edges is generally 3, and the material is generally YG cemented carbide, which can reduce the chemical affinity between the tool and aluminum alloy. Generally, CNC tool brands have special milling cutter series for aluminum alloy processing, such as 3P series of daelement brand and Al series of fraisa of Switzerland.


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