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Woodturning Carbide Inserts


Konetool manufactures and supplies tungsten carbide replacement tips for woodturning tools.

Material: Solid tungsten carbide

Shape: Diamond, Square, Round, Square radius

Grade: KS25

Compatible turning tool brand: Easy Wood tools, Rikon tools, Simple Woodturning Tools, etc

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Konetool supplies 4 shapes of carbide cutters for different functions, which are square, square with radius, round, and diamond shapes. All the tips are manufactured with our high-grade tungsten carbide, allowing for remarkable wear and heat resistance.

Carbide cutters are super sharp, so be careful when replacing the inserts. These tips are compatible with Konetool woodturning tools and other major brand lathe turning tools such as Easy Wood tools, Rikon tools, and Simple Woodturning Tools.

We will dispatch the products in 7 workdays since our customer places an order. We can also provide customization services.

Request a quote for further information (MOQ, price, delivery, etc) if you are interested in our woodturning carbide inserts. Our salespeople and engineers will reach out to you shortly after a quote and provide tailor-made solutions for you.



GradeDensity (g/cm³)Hardness (HRa)T.R.S (N/mm²)



ShapeLength/Dia. (mm)Width (mm)Screwhole Dia. (mm)Thickness (mm)Cutting BevelCorner Radius (mm)Edge Radius (mm)Screw
Diamond Shape28104.32.520°0.8M4 x 8
Diamond Shape28104.32.520°M4 x 8
Round Shape144.13.2M4 x 8
Round Shape185.5330°M5 x 8
Round Shape165.5330°M5 x 8
Round Shape156.352.530°M6 x 8
Round Shape14.84.853.227°M5 x 8
Round Shape124.32.530°M4 x 8
Round Shape115.2415°M5 x 8
Round Shape8.94.251.8530°M4 x 8
Round Shape206.3430°M6 x 8
Square Shape12124.11.535°M4 x 8
Square Shape14146.4230°M6 x 8
Square Shape15156.42.530°M6 x 8
Square Shape11114.1230°M4 x 8
Square Radius Shape11114.3230°50M4 x 8
Square Shape14146.4230°0.5M6 x 8
Square Radius Shape15156.42.530°0.550M6 x 8
Square Radius Shape15156.42.530°100M6 x 8
Square Radius Shape15156.42.530°0.5150M6 x 8


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