Woodworking History Knowledge You Should Know

Published On: August 29, 2020

Woodworking is always popular among people. In ancient times, we make wooden tools, build wooden houses, and make wooden furniture and models. In this article, I will talk about we will talk about history and knowledge of woodworking you should know.

Woodworking in Different Countries in Ancient Times.

In ancient Egypt, woodworking is depicted in many Egyptian drawings, wooden tools and furniture are in pictures. In ancient Rome, woodworking is essential for Romans. Sometimes, wood can be the only materials for their buildings, tools, etc. In acient China, during the Spring and Autumn period (771 to 476 BC), there was a man called Luban. He is considered to be the pioneer in woodworking because of the book “Lu Ban Jing”, and this book records various wooden building structures and furniture structures, and there are also something about Feng Shui(Chinese geomancy).


Woodworking in Morden Day

With the advancement of technology and improvement of industry demands, woodworking quickly developing. Especially those inventions like computer numerical controlled(CNC) machines are great to help to the development of woodworking. Machines like CNC machines can help us mass-produce and reproduce products with a fast speed that we never could have with our two hands. Due to their intricate work, using these machines will make less waste. So not only just lots of factories now using CNC machines, but some DIY enthusiasts also purchase one and put it in their own workshop, even this kind of machine will cost lots of money. It is still in a phase of rapid development, and it is getting more and more complex than ever before.


Tools We Used in Woodworking

Hundreds of years ago, there was no steam engine or electricity. The only thing we have are our own hands. So we have hand tools to do producing activity. There are clamps, chisels, claw hammers, and square and tape measures. Craftsmen with these tools can do creations. As technology advanced, power tools came out, including drill, sander, miter saw, table saw, planer, and band saw. They fastened the speed of production. Besides, we have talked about CNC machines, so there are many different woodworking tools and blades that can be loaded on the CNC machine. To sustain high speed and temperature, tungsten carbide woodworking tools with long service life have taken a large part in the market.


There are more and more people who fall in love with woodworking. For people who are learning woodworking, it is a kind of new thing, and sometimes it may be boring to learn a new skill. So hope this article can make you get more interested in woodworking.

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