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Tobacco Cutting Knife Customization


With our unique experience, Konetool supplies tobacco cutting knives for global clients of the tobacco and cigarette industry. To satisfy the special needs of our customers, we provide customized tobacco and filter cutting knives according to the requirements of our clients, so feel free to contact us with your requirements or drawings and we are very happy to provide you with our best offer.

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Konetool tobacco cutting knives have proven their performance on world-renowned secondary processing machines, including Hauni, Molins, GD, Sasib, Decoufle, and Multivac. We also produce according to customers’ requests, so feel free to contact us with essential information or drawings and we are very happy to provide you with our best offer. Our tobacco and filter cutting knives are made from top-quality tungsten carbide, polished on both sides, allowing for the perfect finish.

KONETOOL Tobacco Cutting Knife Features:

  • Easy and fast cut.
  • Consistent sharpness and Long service life due to 100% raw material.
  • Evenly distributed hardness and excellent wear resistance.
  • Stable performance and reduced machine downtime.
  • Competitive price.
  • Guaranteed global delivery.

Konetool has been developing our products and service for more than 20 years, keeping supplying top-quality cigarette circular blades to help our clients improve their production, so we are always ready to deliver the most efficient cutting solutions for you. Request for quotation for more detailed information (MOQ, price, delivery, etc).


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