Common Sense about High Precision Cemented Carbide Rotary File

Published On: September 2, 2020


Recently, our company has produced a batch of high-precision cemented carbide rotary files. For this reason, I went to understand the basic common sense about its two-point processing process.


1. EDM

EDM is an extraordinary machining method that uses the electric erosion effect generated by pulse discharge between two electrodes immersed in working fluid to ablate conductive materials, also known as electric discharge machining or electro-erosion machining.

Advantages: able to process materials and complex-shaped workpieces that are difficult to cut by ordinary cutting methods; no cutting force during processing; no defects such as burrs and tool marks and grooves; tool electrode materials need not be harder than workpiece materials.

Disadvantages: non-conductive materials cannot be processed; during processing, there is a safety hazard due to poor use and control, which may cause a fire; processing efficiency is low (relative to mechanical processing); processing process causes internal stress of processed part to increase and deform, The machining dimensional accuracy is not high.


2. Electrolytic grinding

Electrolytic grinding is a grinding process that combines electrolysis and mechanical action. Electrolysis plays a leading role, accounting for about 75~90%, and mechanical processing only accounts for 10% under normal circumstances. Certain contact pressure is maintained between the grinding wheel and the workpiece. The protruding abrasive forms a certain gap between the workpiece and the metal basic body of the grinding wheel. The flowing electrolyte is input into a gap through a nozzle to cause electrochemical effects on the surface of the workpiece, and metal is electrolyzed, an oxide film is formed on the surface. This oxide film is ground by abrasive on a grinding wheel and washed away with electrolyte. The electrolysis and grinding process alternate until a certain precision and smoothness are achieved.


Advantages: low wear of grinding wheel; less heat generation on the surface of the processed workpiece; no grinding burns, cracks, and residual stress.

Disadvantages: In high temperature, high pressure, high speed, and harsh environments, workpieces are becoming more and more difficult to machine.

The processing process is quite significant to the production of cemented carbide rotary files. Our company has sophisticated instruments and equipment, strict quality control, and standardized operating procedures. It is an ideal choice for purchasing cemented carbide.

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